Laser Hair Reduction

Laser hair reduction:Sort out the Facts before getting Laser hair removal treatment.

Laser Hair Reduction is a non-invasive process to remove unwanted hair onyourbody.People may get this treatment on any part of their body, but the most usual areas are Face,upper lip, chin,hands, legs, underarms,any areas that grow pubic hair etc.

If you are looking for full body hair removal treatment, Livglam is the best provider of painless permanent laser hair reduction in bangalore.

With Livglam, you can get silker,smoother,hair free skin.Laser hair removal treatment is available now for everyone, both men and women.We extend to offer our finest dermatologist laser hair removal treatment in jayanagar at very competitive price.

Laser Hair Reduction - Must Know Facts before getting treatment

If you are considering the laser hair removal treatment, Keep reading the below facts.

1. Choose a board-certified Dermatologist / cosmetologist to perform this procedure.

There is always risk of complications when done by inexperienced and nonmedical person as things can go wrong such as burns, changes to skin color and scars can occur. You can greatly reduce the risk of possible side effects by getting your treatment done by a medical doctor who is extremely skilled in using lasers. Dermatologist laser hair removal for unwanted facial and body is highly safe and effective.

2. Our advanced laser hair removal systems are neither painful nor complicated.

Our diode lasers are highly effective, safe and pain free and complications are uncommon. This treatment doesn’t cause any discomfort and eliminate unwanted hair without causing any damage to the surrounding skin.Here at Livglam, best laser hair removal clinic offers dermatologist laser hair removal which is safe and well-tolerated.

3. Don’t tweeze, wax or dye hair in between sessions.

For successful results of laser treatment, you must preserve the root of the hair as laser treatments targets the root of hair. Any other form of hair removal methods such as plucking, waxing, shaving in between laser treatments will negatively effect the success of your hair reduction.

4. It works on all skin tones, skin types and hair types.

Our laser technology is advanced enough to work effectively on all skin colors ,skin types and almost every type of hair. The ability to treat all skin types is what makes Livglam different and best Laser hair removal treatment in Bangalore. Livglam is the best hair removal clinic in bangalore having experience of more than 15 years in cosmetic industry where treatments are done with USFDA approved machine. But no lasers in the market now will be able to treat white hair due to the lack of melanin

5. Laser hair treatment for men and women are not same.

Men hair is thicker and darker and so has more melanin, therefore lasers create more heat in the male skin than a female skin on an average. Everytime when a man shaves, they have risk of developing in grown hairs,razor bumps and other potential skin blemishes.This is one reason why men choose Laser facial hair removal as it lessens the risk of irritation and folliculitis that occurs due to repetitive shaving.

6. Avoid sun exposure and tanning two weeks after laser hair treatment.

You should avoid sun exposure for two weeks before and after treatment. Sun exposure makes laser hair reduction less powerful and makes complications after treatment more likely. Skin becomes more vulnerable to UV rays after treatment and can cause pigment changes ,so it is important to keep skin safe and unwanted damage. Make sure you apply sunscreen to avoid skin darkening and tanning.

7. Don’t go to the gym atleast for 48 hours after treatment.

Exercise is not recommended after laser hair removal for best results and optimum comfort.It is essential to avoid any activity that could cause your skin to sweat or heat up,as hair follicles are extremely sensitive for 24-48 hours afterward,you must keep the skin as cold and quiet as possible. Body sweat after laser hair removal can aggravate the skin sensitivity resulting increase in rashes, the risk of infection or ingrown hairs.

8. Laser hair removal treatment is surprisingly affordable and cheap comparatively spending money and time every month on other popular methods.

Stop wasting money and time on other conventional hair removal methods that costs ton and does not last. Laser hair removal method is cost-effective solution in long run for getting rid of unwanted hair and our transparent pricing structure is customised for each patient depending on target area, hair type, skin color, pigment and other hair shaft characteristics.


At Livglam, we have premier laser hair removal treatments and other services that help you feel and look your best. Laser hair removal procedure is explained step by step to our clients by our dermatologist/cosmetologist and all the doubts are made clear.

We do patch test to ensure that the patient’s skin can tolerate the laser with no side effects or reaction. We maintain our patient’s dignity during treatment and cover areas as required.We have packages for full body hair removal treatment at discounted prices and very affordable costs.

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