HydraFacial in Bangalore | Hydrafacial Treatment Cost

HydraFacial in Bangalore - Hydrafacial Treatment Cost

What is Hydrafacial?

Medi-Hydrafacial is an amazing technology designed for skin detoxifying and deep cleansing which rejuvenates your skin with botanical ingredients containing nutrients such as hyaluronic acid, powerful antioxidants, seed extracts, and peptides.

Hydrafacial in Bangalore reveals glowing, refreshing, and radiant skin with immediate results. This has become the go-to facial for celebrities and is often called an Antiaging facial treatment in Bangalore.

Here at Livglam, we deliver this treatment through the most technologically advanced state of the art FDA approved hydrafacial machine using vortex-infusion technology.

The procedure of hydrafacial in Jayanagar:

This revolutionary deep hydrafacial treatment provides 10 steps in just one hour, creating an instantly gratifying glow.

  1. Cleansing and Exfoliation- cleanse the skin’s surface, remove the uppermost layer of debris and smooth away pore-blocking old skin cells and dead cells.
  2. Detox- detoxifies and brightens skin, improves circulation by providing extra oxygen
  3. Cold therapy- this hydrafacial treatment in Bangalore closes pores while locking moisture into the skin.
  4. Brightening jet- chemical exfoliators glycolic acid and salicylic acid peels are pushed into the deeper layers of skin where glycolic acid brightens while salicylic acid unclogs congested pores preparing the pores for the next step.
  5. Radiofrequency bipolar- Energy waves are used to heaten the dermis and tightens the skin.
  6. Ultrasound lift- the best hydrafacial in Bangalore promotes cellular renewal, repairs and tones facial muscles and increases blood circulation.
  7. Hydration and oxytherapy- skin is now treated with a combination of protein antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, peptides and vital nutrients for ultimate hydration and absorption
  8. Infuse and protect- hydrafacial in Bangalore Infuses antioxidant and collagen-rich serums, and vitamin c into the skin to promote elasticity and protect the skin. The serum creates a cooling and refreshing sensation on the skin and a hydrated finish.
  9. Light therapy- LED light is applied to soothe your skin, reduces redness, inflammation and stimulate production of collagen.
  10. Hydra Mineral mask- Mask will be applied for mineral absorption which boosts moisture levels, hydrates fragile skin and brightens the overall complexion at the same time.

If there is any specific skin concern that needs to be focused on depending on your skin type, we will add a personalized booster serum to the regular hydrafacial in Jayanagar.

Booster serums

  • Glow boost - Brightens your skin by reducing discoloration
  • Collagen boost - Increase cellular growth to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Hyaluron Boost - this hydrafacial treatment creates skin firmness while correcting skin tone & texture
  • Brightening boost - Reduce dark spots and sun damage revealing a more even complexion

Hydrafacial treatment in Bangalore is designed for all ages and for all skin types to improve a wide range of skin conditions and concerns. This highly customizable hydrafacial in Livglam clinic makes us unique in providing the best hydrafacial in Bangalore.

What is hydrafacial cost in Bangalore?

HydraFacial treatment cost in Bangalore is between 5k and 15k per session. It is one of the more affordable and minimally invasive skin treatments available. It’s a great cost-effective way of improving your complexion and addressing all skin imperfections.

At livglam clinic, our highly experienced doctors provide a wide array of professional esthetic treatments, including Hydrafacial, injectables, laser hair removal, and much more!
You will receive the best experience with the best hydrafacial in Jayanagar with our latest technology medical-grade hydrafacial machine.
Get in touch with us at Livglam aesthetic clinic Jayanagar or request an online consultation.

Benefits of hydrafacial in bangalore

Hydrafacial can be tailored for different skin conditions to address many problem areas, it has many benefits over traditional skin treatments.

  • Hydrates the skin with powerful antioxidant skin solutions
  • Clears clogged pores
  • Reduces the appearance of melasma & hyperpigmentation
  • Treats signs of ageing like fine lines and wrinkles
  • Can be used on teenagers with acne

Hydrafacial in Bangalore benefits for acne, acne scars, dry skin and sun damaged skin and is suitable for all skin types from dark to light, dry to oily skin.

Hydrafacial in bangalore is perfect for any event,special occasion like weddings,birthdays or anniversary celebrations.

Giving immediate results makes it much popular than any other cosmetic treatments that take a long time to show results.


1. Why Choose Hydrafacial Treatment?

Hydrafacial treatment is so much more than just your average facial. HydraFacial is a non-invasive cleansing facial treatment that is gentle on the skin and does not cause damage. It uses unique technology to deep clean pores, targeting fine lines and wrinkles, reducing many imperfections on the skin.

2. What Is Included in a Hydrafacial?

Best hydrafacial in Bangalore is a more advanced version of Microdermabrasion that uses pressurized water instead of abrasive materials and is sometimes called 'Hydradermabrasion'. It's a medical-grade, facial resurfacing treatment that involves 5 to 8 key steps to keeping your skin healthy and glowing for years.

3. Is Hydrafacial Good for Your Face?

Hydrafacial treatment in Bangalore is perfect for all skin types such as dry, oily combinations, and even sensitive skin as well as any skin tone from fair to rich deep dark brown to dark black tones.

4. Does Hydrafacial Hurt?

Hydrafacial in Bangalore is a completely pain-free experience and free of complications as the probes run along your skin, the patients will feel that a very light massage and a more relaxing experience.

5. How Many Sessions Are Required for Hydrafacial?

With one session only, you will see an immediate improvement in your skin. But for more lasting and optimum continued results regular monthly sessions are recommended.

6. Does It Have Side Effects?

Hydrafacial treatment is non-invasive, which means the skin is not punctured during the procedure, so there is no downtime, no healing required, and no side effects.

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