BB Glow Treatment in Bangalore

BB Glow Treatment in Bangalore - BB Glow Facial in Bangalore

BB GLOW also known as Micro Therapy System (MTS), is a Skin Reconstructive System, which stimulates the skin to produce collagen and elastin in the inner layer. The BB glow treatment in Jayanagar is an intensive skin treatment that uses state-of-the-art nano-needling technology to penetrate only to the upper layer of skin. This stimulates natural collagen production as well as ensures that up to 97% of the serum is absorbed into the skin, whereas your daily skincare products absorb up to a maximum of only 5%.

It is also sometimes called the “Korean Glass Skin Facial” as it originated in Korea and gives the skin a very clear and luminous glow for even the most sensitive skin.

BB glow treatment will give you a semi-permanent no-makeup makeup look. As the serum is sitting on your skin and not on top as a tinted cream would, it gives a very natural look. The makeup is undetectable.

At Livglam clinic, we offer BB glow facial in bangalore for both men and women who are not satisfied with their skin and need a glow on their faces! It may affect your self-confidence, but we are here for you. We understand what you must be going through. Choosing Livglam aesthetic clinic will be totally worth your time. With our compassionate and empathetic expert care, you will experience the best BB glow treatment in Bangalore and you will certainly love the NEW YOU!

BB glow facial in bangalore Procedure overview:

The BB glow treatment is a multi-step procedure that aims to improve the texture, quality, and tone of the skin. It's a combination of facials and semi-permanent makeup that treats a variety of skin problems while also providing an anti-aging impact.

BB glow treatment in 8 steps.

  • Cleanse the skin.
  • Gentle Peel to clean your pores and remove dead cells.
  • Neutralizing foam is applied to restore PH’s balance and moisture in the skin.
  • Booster Serum application customized to your skin needs (Five types of Booster ampoules that contain vitamins A, B, D, and E are available to address different skin types).BB serum is Infused into the skin to create more collagen and elastin resulting in skin rejuvenation.
  • BB pigment cream, the shade or mixture of two pigments to get a shade that matches your skin tone is infused into the skin.
  • Soothing Mask placed over BB cream to avoid dryness providing extra hydration.
  • LED Therapy for 15 minutes to enhance the results.
  • Post-treatment repair cream application for the soothing treated skin.

BB glow facial in bangalore is one of the up-to-minute advances in skin care and say good bye to extensive daily makeups and creams. This treatment has become a popular choice for brides-to-be, as it is completely safe and non-invasive.

In addition to BB glow facials, there are other treatments involved like BB Blush which focuses on cheekbones, and BB Lips which makes lips fuller, and healthier with a shining aspect that can last for up to 3 months.

Cost of BB glow treatment in Bangalore

BB glow treatment cost in Bangalore can differ based on the number of sessions, and quantity of product being used. Since BB glow treatment is done in a series of sessions, we offer package deals where the price per session will become less than the individual session.

The average BB glow treatment cost in Bangalore per session starts from 8k and can go up to 20k depending on the inclusion of customized serums for specific skin conditions. Our prices are justified for our quality service and for procedures having been done by trained, experienced aestheticians.

Here at Livglam clinic, we have been providing a long-lasting beauty and natural looking base which is water proof with our BB glow treatment in Bangalore.

Who are good candidates for BB glow treatment?

Bb glow facial is an ideal facial for getting a glowing complexion, lightening pigmentation and brown spots, stimulating collagen, and minimizing pores.

Good candidates for BB glow facial in bangalore include individuals with

  • Dull, uneven skin texture
  • Freckles
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Post acne scars
  • Age spots and sun spots
  • Early aging and lax skin
  • Wrinkles and fine lines

Benefits of BB glow facial treatment

  • Reduces the appearance of acne scarring, freckles, and hyper-pigmentation, dark circles, etc.
  • Reduce the need to apply foundation every day.
  • Increases collagen synthesis
  • Improves brightness and elasticity
  • Minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Protects skin’s surface from free radical damage with anti-oxidants.

BB glow treatment aftercare Instructions

  • During the first 24 hours, do not wash your face or use any moisturizers or makeup.
  • Avoid prolonged sun exposure for 2 weeks. If you are outdoors, sunscreen with SPF 30 should be worn every 2 hours.
  • Avoid using Retinol or Retin-A products for one week.
  • No sauna, baths, or swimming for 1 week.
  • No scrubs or exfoliators for 1 week.
  • No strenuous exercise for 1-2 days.


1. What is a BB glow treatment?

BB glow treatment is one of the latest innovations in cosmetic trends, especially in anti-aging beauty treatments. It uses scientifically proven nano-needling technology to safely infuse BB pigment and booster serums into the top layer of your skin.

2. Why choose livglam clinic for BBglow treatment?

Livglam clinic exclusively for the first time in India has BB glow treatment in Bangalore using KFDA-approved physio lab, the best cosmeceutical bb glow products which are natural and organic ingredients. The treatment you will receive here is the professional BB glow facial in bangalore which have been demonstrated to be safe and effective. This is the best selection of BB glow treatment in Jayanagar Bangalore.

3. Is BB glow treatment safe?

Our bb glow products consist of natural ingredients and all BB glow serums are free of parabens, fragrances, alcohol, allergens, synthetic coloring, and benzophenone. It is very much a safe procedure, but it’s important to choose a certified and experienced aesthetician or dermatologist to carry out the procedure.

4. How Many sessions Are Needed for BB Glow Facials?

You will see noticeable results in the first session only, but to maximize results we recommend 3 to 4 sessions once every 3 to 4 weeks to get further coverage. Greater satisfactory results are achieved with multiple sessions.

5. Is Sunscreen Necessary After BB glow treatment?

We highly recommend not to wash your face and no sunscreen or moisturizers for the first 24 hrs after the BB glow treatment. Sunscreen(SPF50) may be applied the following day.

6. How long does a BB glow treatment last?

The results of BB glow treatment in Bangalore will last up to 2 to 3 years or longer. With appropriate treatments and consistent maintenance, the effect can last even longer. It is recommended to come for a touch-up session after 6 months to ensure long-lasting results.

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