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Mole removal treatment in Bangalore with costs

Skin tags and warts are basically overgrowths on the skin of varying sizes that commonly occur on the face, neck, below eyelids, or any part of the body. Their appearance can vary depending on the location of it and the thickness of the skin.

Skin tags can be annoying and can cause an impact on your physical and mental health especially by lowering your self-confidence as they affect your appearance. It's best to seek dermatologist help for mole removal in Bangalore to get rid of unwanted lesions on your skin.

Laser skin tag, wart & Mole removal treatment in Bangalore

CO2 Laser treatment offers a safe, comfortable and effective approach to removing both skin tags and moles. This laser targets the treatment area with great precision, causing no damage to the surrounding skin, which is particularly important on the face and eyes. It uses intense bursts of light energy to break down the pigment within the mole with little or no scarring.
Laser skin tag removal in Bangalore works by burning off the skin tag where a small scab will develop between 5 to 10 days, but over a few days, your skin will gradually fade to normal color.
Lasers are a more effective treatment method than surgical methods, radio frequency, or chemical methods. It's, therefore, a great option to choose, particularly in areas such as the face. A numbing cream is applied before the mole removal treatment, which is quick and painless.
Here at Livglam clinic, we use our advanced lasers to remove moles, warts, and skin tags as it is a painless treatment and gives a perfect result. We also offer skin tag removal in Bangalore on the intimate/genitalia area such as anal skin tag and vaginal skin tag removal.

Radiofrequency for skin tags, skin warts, and Moles removal

Radiofrequency is the best treatment for removing moles, skin tags and warts and other so-called ‘lumps and bumps’ with minimal risks of scarring.

How RF works for moles

Radiofrequency surgery is the best mole removal treatment that involves the passage of high-frequency radio waves into the skin as the mole is touched with the tip of the electrode. These radio waves heat up the water in the cells of the mole, vaporizing those cells and thereby increasing the cell's inner pressure to a point where it breaks from the inside to the outside.

Here at livglam clinic, we offer the best mole removal treatment in Bangalore with the help of a dedicated experienced team who are patient-oriented and do their best to provide desired results to clients.
The mole removal cost in Bangalore depends on the complexity of the mole and how difficult it is to remove and also depends on the size and place of the mole.

How RF works for warts

Radiofrequency is one of the best mole removal treatments as well as the removal of warts as it uses low-temperature, high-frequency energy radio waves to cauterize warts. RF treatment can cut and coagulate or destroy the tissue proteins simultaneously, which stops the blood flow without any need for applying pressure. It is an effective way of removing lesions raised above the surface of the skin without an incision.

How RF works for skin tags

Radiofrequency technology, non-invasive energy is a much gentler method of removing the growth of skin tags using a fine, blunt needle radiofrequency ablator (RFA) cautery creating a cutting effect. It generates very little heat as compared to conventional electrocautery. This results in negligible collateral damage resulting in faster healing and minimal scarring. This method of mole removal in Bangalore means less risk of bleeding and infection and quicker healing time than other methods.

Excision removal

The skin tag is excised using a surgical scalpel/scissors to remove completely and close the area with stitches under local anesthetic. This simple procedure for skin tag removal in Bangalore is painless and quick to complete and usually free from complications.
For complex and too large lesions, you will be referred for surgical removal.

Cost of best skin tag removal treatment in Bangalore

Depending on the size of skin tags and the area to be covered we will propose to you the mole removal cost in Bangalore and the number of sessions required.

Livglam clinic provides the best skin tag removal treatment in Bangalore with highly experienced doctors who are well trained in lasers and RF for more than a decade.
We have successfully removed thousands of unwanted lesions like moles, skin tags, and warts without pain. Our experts in skin tag removal in Bangalore believe lasers are an alternative, more effective treatment than surgical removal, cryotherapy, radiofrequency or chemical methods.


1. How long does it take to heal after mole removal?

Mole removal scar or wound will take 10-14 days to heal after the procedure in most cases. Keeping the wound moist after mole removal treatment is essential and may help it heal up to 50% faster.

2. Does mole grow back after Treatment?

Mole doesn’t grow back if it’s completely removed, but there are higher chances of growing back if some of its cells remain underneath the skin after removal. So it’s important to remove it from its roots to ensure no regrowth occurs. Choose Livglam clinic, the leading skin care center for the best mole removal treatment clinic in Bangalore.

3. Does treatment leave a scar?

Larger moles or skin tags might leave a light scar otherwise scars from skin tag and mole removal in Bangalore are very minimal and barely visible which is hardly noticeable to others. This scar will usually fade and flattens over time.

4. What does it look like after mole removal?

You may notice some mild tenderness and redness in the treated area for the first 1-4 days after your mole removal treatment. The red mark then forms a scab over the following few days before dropping off to leave a smooth red piece of new skin.

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