Botox Treatment in Bangalore - Dermal Fillers in Bangalore

Botox Treatment in Bangalore and Dermal Fillers in Bangalore

What is botox?

Botox is a purified form of protein made from a botulinum toxin type A, that is used to relax and smoothen the facial muscles which cause fine lines and wrinkles.

Botox treatment in Jayanagar Bangalore suppresses expression lines, it can subtly lift a heavy brow, tilt up the corners of the mouth that aging pulls down and release the muscles that pull down the jowls.

Botox treatment is the most popular non-surgical best anti-aging treatment globally with no side effects and well-recognized treatment for frown lines, forehead lines, crow’s feet, and lip lines.

Botox injections in Jayanagar Bangalore

At Livglam, we are committed to achieving the most natural-looking results. We have our professional qualified experts who are highly experienced in using Botox Injections to treat more difficult areas such as the lower face and neck.

Livglam clinic, being a very popular and leading center for aesthetic treatments, will receive the best botox treatment in bangalore, we offer safe and effective Botox injections for wrinkles and antiaging. Our experts will work with you to create a customized treatment plan that meets your needs to serve the best possible results.

More and more people worldwide are looking for botox treatment cost in bangalore to give their face a lift without surgery. If the botox treatment cost in bangalore is ridiculously very low comparably, then you might not be getting full treatment .So don’t be lured by bargains, discuss with doctor in advance before getting treatment.

Botox injections in Jayanagar Bangalore can help to treat other conditions although it’s primarily used for cosmetic enhancement:

Forehead lines, frown lines, Crow’s feet, jawline, Neckline, smoker’s line, Bunny lines, Jaw reduction, teeth grinding, and medical conditions like chronic migraines, Bell‘s palsy, Hypersalivation, Hyperhidrosis, and Neurological vocal cord condition.

Are Botox injections safe?

Botox injections are relatively safe when administered by licensed and experienced aestheticians because expert doctors can judge the size of muscles and how many units you may need.

Cost of botox treatment in bangalore

Botox treatment cost in Bangalore varies from one patient to another depending on their individual needs. The cost factors include the area being treated, facial anatomy, amount of botox being used, number of units consumed in treatment, the experience of the aesthetic doctor, and quality of service.

The cost of botox and fillers in Bangalore is different for each area of the face, jawline and neck, and other body areas. Full upper face botox treatment in Jayanagar, areas including frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead lines cost ranges from 18k to 25k.

Lower face botox treatment cost in Bangalore, areas including sagging jowls, chin, and lip lines range from 20k to 25k depending on the units consumed for extensive wrinkles.

Botox treatment cost in Jayanagar, Livglam clinic is relatively low in comparison to anywhere else in Bangalore with excellent product safety according to FDA standards. It is the least expensive treatment for an anti-aging facelift for making your skin younger and smoother.

Dermal Fillers treatment in Bangalore

Fillers are a gel-like substance called Hyaluronic acid that is used as a multipurpose Injectable treatment for skin rejuvenation and to lift and plump up areas that have lost collagen due to natural signs of aging. People who have wrinkles, fine lines, Pitted scars, and Furrowed skin, this Filler treatment is one of the most beneficial treatments for them.

At Livglam, we have professional experts who have a wealth of experience in using Dermal fillers to treat and enhance various areas of the face.

Dermal fillers in Bangalore can be used to augment cheeks, lip volume, temples and tear troughs, or lower lids. These fillers include anesthetic in gel making injections painless.

Dermal fillers treatment in Bangalore can be performed in various areas for different conditions like plump thin lips, sunken cheeks, Jaw reshaping, weak chins or dimpling, Non-surgical Nose reshaping, Eye bags camouflaging, Ear lobe correction, Tear trough, Marionette lines, Neck rejuvenation, Hand rejuvenation, 8 point lift and more.

Tear trough fillers in Bangalore

The interface between our lower eyelids and upper cheeks is referred to as the tear trough area. Tear trough filler or under-eye filler treatment is a popular cosmetic solution for under-eye bags, under-eye hollows, depressions, shadows, and tired and exhausted eyes. It adds volume around the eyes and reduces dark circles by giving fresh well-hydrated eye areas.

Cheek fillers in Bangalore

Cheek fillers add volume to the cheek area if you lose weight or facial volume with age. These dermal fillers in Bangalore restore youthful plumpness to this part of the face, lifting the cheekbones, and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Nasolabial folds fillers in Bangalore

These fillers reduce the prominence of nasolabial folds and treat nose-to-mouth smile lines or laugh lines thereby reducing the sagging and signs of aging.

Lip fillers in Bangalore

Lip fillers add extra volume and plumpness to lips that may be lacking in shape or elasticity. This helps to improve the shape and structure of lips giving you a natural look and treating vertical creases and wrinkles around the mouth. As lips are one of the unique and delicate parts of the face, these lip fillers in Jayanagar even lift the lips with a fuller and poutier lip shape.

Lip fillers in bangalore can be injected into the upper lip, lower lip or both. Small volumes of lip fillers can give a subtle enhancement whereas overly aggressive use of fillers can look very unnatural.

Lip cosmetic injections are a safe and effective way to non-surgically augment your lips. Best lip fillers in Bangalore at Livglam clinic Jayanagar will make you achieve adorable lips and create a look that is more desirable.

What are my lip filler options?

Lip fillers in bangalore can address either or both the main body of the lips, centre of the lips, lip border, lip line,wrinkles on lip skin and can treat lines around the mouth. However, at Livglam clinic, we usually advise injecting up to 1 ml at a time without pushing too much filler as it makes your lips look sore and unnatural.

Lip fillers in bangalore offers more benefits than surgical lip enhancements as fillers can be adjusted as needed and can undo also in worst case.

Chin and Jawline fillers

Chin and Jawline fillers enhance appearance by sculpting the lower face, giving optimum chin shape and a more defined jawline. Chin filler is a perfect option for weak, receding, and poorly defined chin areas.

Hand Fillers in Bangalore

Hand rejuvenation with fillers is the best solution for people who are concerned with thin skin quality on the back of their hands or their veiny appearance. Dermal fillers in Bangalore are not limited to eliminating facial wrinkles and folds, some fillers are designed to restore volume and youth to hands. Our expert injectors feed filler up into the backs of the hands to replace the lost fat and hide the prominent veins, ligaments, and bones.

Our experts also have the capacity to dissolve fillers for reasons including overfilled, asymmetrical results, lumps and unevenness of filler results, etc. where many clinics cannot reverse the damage of previous work.

Dermal fillers cost in Bangalore

The cost of dermal fillers in Bangalore depends on the type of product, the number of syringes used, and the complexity of the area being treated.

At livglam, we only use FDA-approved dermal fillers treatment in Bangalore, with new technology advances these filler injections including anesthetic gel are painless.

The cost of dermal fillers in Bangalore is 25,000 to 50,000 per ml. We offer you the highest quality product at the best price. Our prices are very authentic, we are specialized in botox and fillers in Bangalore for more than a decade and you will receive the best dermal fillers in Jayanagar Bangalore.
Choosing ‘cheap fillers’ or ‘bad fillers’ will create an array of serious dangers such as fake products that may lead to risks of allergic infections, itching, and ulcers on lips.

Can Dermal fillers go wrong?

We have seen and heard stories of dermal fillers gone wrong and the dangers of choosing untrained, unreliable clinics, particularly those that offer discounted, cheap fillers. Improper injection techniques or wrong placement of fillers can lead to filler complications such as blocking blood vessels and causing necrosis, infection, filler migration, lumps, and unnatural results are all possible. These associated risks can be minimized or avoided if done by a professional injector who has a great understanding of facial anatomical knowledge and be able to correct technique with the safest products.

At livglam clinic, dermal fillers treatment in Bangalore is administered in a clinically clean environment, using sterile products with proper injection techniques. Our experienced aesthetician will know their facial anatomy well and exactly where to place the filler to avoid any risks.

Anti-aging Collagen Injections in Bangalore

Collagen is a naturally occurring protein found in humans, the second skin layer(dermis) is mostly made up of collagen. But over time, skin loses its elasticity as your body begins to lose collagen due to UV exposure, aging, etc. Collagen injections stimulate the body’s own collagen production, this protein gives support structure to skin, bones, and other body parts.

Collagen Injections can be injected into the face to reduce the signs of aging, give the face more volume, and fill in scars.

The natural beauty of your skin is enhanced as the contour of the support structure is restored with increased collagen production. Results may last for up to four months.

Why choose the livglam anti-aging clinic for Botox and fillers in Bangalore?

  • Our botox treatment in Jayanagar Bangalore is more accessible and affordable.
  • Trusted cosmetic clinic for antiaging treatments in Bangalore.
  • The procedure is done with a minimal bruising Injection technique and minimizes your downtime from treatment.
  • Our aesthetician Dr.Harish is a celebrity cosmetic Injector and is ranked as one of the top Injectors in India for Botox & fillers in India.
  • Best injectables in the market with high safety standards, highest patient satisfaction rate 99% for our cosmetic Injectables.

Botox and fillers in Bangalore Post care

  • Don’t put pressure on the affected area for 1-3 days
  • Skip alcohol for 24 years
  • Try not to uncover the affected area to the sun for at least 48 hours
  • Stay away from some other makeup products on the impacted area for 24 hours
  • Maintain a normal heart rate
  • Avoid touching, rubbing, and any physical pressure to the affected area

Choosing Livglam will be totally worth your time and have look to all our happiest and satisfied clients before and after amazing face looks


1. How many botox sessions will I need?

Best botox treatment in bangalore is recommended once every 4 to 5 months. You will see the results of botox treatment in just a few days. We do not suggest coming in for a second session sooner than three months to accomplish a more natural look. We suggest having a Botox injection routine three times a year or at least every four months.

2. What is the difference between botox and fillers in bangalore?

Botox is ideal for treating fine lines and wrinkles in the skin as a muscle relaxant whereas dermal fillers treatmen in Bangalore are used to plump, contour, and rejuvenate areas that have lost volume. Often, a combination of both effective cosmetic treatments is best. Typically, fillers last longer than Botox injections, but both treatments will have a positive impact on your look when administered correctly.

3. Are there any side effects of Botox & fillers treatment?

Most of the mild side effects like headache, swelling, and redness can go away with medications or topical creams or by simply waiting for them to pass, so not much worry about it. But when the solution of filler or botox injections in Jayanagar Bangalore hasn’t been administered properly and the wrong muscles get targeted, it may result in side effects such as eyelid drooping, facial asymmetry, and unnatural results.

Choosing the right place, Livglam clinic for botox & fillers treatment in Bangalore with experienced aesthetic Injector is important to minimize side effects and risks.

4. Are the results from Botox & fillers treatment satisfactory?

Yes, we have achieved a high level of patient satisfaction with both botox & fillers treatment in Jayanagar, Livglam clinic, and are completely satisfied with the full-facial aesthetic outcome. Check with our former patient reviews and they have recommended it to other clients as well.

5. Is Botox treatment cost worth it?

There is no doubt that botox treatment cost in bangalore is an investment that yields results whether its is opted to slow down ageing process or treat other medical conditions,it has both short term and long-term benefits. Also, whether botox is charged by area or by unit doesn’t matter much if the botox treatment is effective.

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