Laser Hair Removal in Bangalore with affordable costs and benefits

Laser hair Removal in Bangalore

Laser Hair Removal is a process to remove unwanted hair on your body. It’s noninvasive, which means it does not require any cuts on your skin. People may get this treatment on any part of their body, but the most usual areas in females are the face, neck, jawline, upper lip, sideburns, underarms, hands, legs, and pubic hair.
With Livglam, you can get silkier, smoother, hair-free skin. We are here for you to introduce yourself with a NEW YOU. We offer the best Laser hair removal in Jayanagar at a good laser hair removal cost in Bangalore and our first goal is to give our customers the most amazing results possible. We appreciate nothing further than to give you the most impressive after-effects.

Laser hair removal Procedure Overview

  • Placing eye shields.
  • The hair that will be enduring treatment will be shaved up to the skin surface.
  • Lasers for hair removal work by applying a low-energy laser beam to hair follicles, to specifically target the melanin in hair roots, and remove the hair follicles right from their root.
  • Laser hair removal works better in the hair growing phase (Anagen). Therefore follow-up sessions are needed as not all hair grows at the same time.

Different lasers are effective for different skin types.

Diode lasers are the best Laser hair removal in Jayanagar and have the most suitable diode technology for maximum comfort for permanent laser hair removal allowing safe and effective treatment for all skin and hair types and are known as the ‘gold standard’ for hair removal technology.

Diode laser hair removal sessions are four times faster than IPL sessions.

Best Laser hair removal for women in Bangalore.

Facial laser hair removal for women in Bangalore can be used to treat the areas such as the upper lip, chin, jawline, cheeks, sideburns, eyebrows, ear lobes, half face, and full face.
Excessive hair on the face can cause low self-esteem in many women and they wish to get rid of unwanted hair on the face as a beauty concern. It can be done on other parts of the body too because the face area is smaller than other areas of the body, laser facial hair removal in Jayanagar is generally quick and takes 15-20 minutes.

Best Laser Hair Removal for Men in Bangalore.

Today, more than ever men are seeking the best Laser hair removal in Jayanagar as it can help treat issues like Razor burn and ingrown hairs. The most usual areas in males are the face as beard and mustache shaping, under arms, chest, hands, legs, back, and pubic hair.

Many men choose Beard Sculpting treatment which includes the beard line and may include the cheek and underneath the jawline depending on how far the beard extends to.

Here at Livglam, we have a dedicated laser hair removal treatment plans for chest as well as beard shaping as hair density is higher on men’s chest and back, thus requires more sessions. We provide affordable laser hair removal treatment cost with packages for men giving special attention for men grooming.

Suitability for Laser hair removal treatment at Livglam

  • We don’t do laser hair removal over a tattoo as it can potentially lead to burns, blisters, or skin damage.
  • Laser hair treatment is not advised to pregnant or breastfeeding women for patient safety.
  • We don’t do it for Semi-permanent make-up clients as the color of semi-permanent make-up can be changed permanently by the laser hair removal treatment.
  • We absolutely cannot do laser hair treatment for clients with serious medical conditions like heart disease, cancer, asthma or other contagious conditions.

At your initial consultation, we will assess your suitability, and book a skin patch test to experience the difference for yourself at Livglam, the best clinic for laser hair removal in Jayanagar Bangalore.

Laser hair removal cost in Bangalore

Factors affecting the laser hair removal treatment cost in Bangalore.

  • Size of the area
  • Colour of your hair and skin
  • Type of laser used
  • Thickness or density of hair
  • Location and reputation of the clinic

The factors above cause laser hair removal treatment cost to vary from clinic to clinic and patient to patient, but the average laser hair removal cost in Bangalore is around 50,000 for full body including five sessions.

However, price should not overrule your health and safety concerns, so make sure you choose a certified aesthetician or dermatologist at Livglam, the best laser hair removal clinic in Jayanagar for a safe and effective outcome.

Why choose Livglam for the best Laser hair removal in Jayanagar?

  • Procedure will be performed by certified dermatologists/aesthetician
  • Quality patient care post-treatment
  • FDA-approved laser technology
  • Thickness or density of hair
  • Effective, safe, and painless procedure
  • Our laser hair removal treatment cost is a worthwhile long-term investment.

Many places offer similar services, but not the same quality equipment and care and well-maintained facility to give consistent results. Our laser machine will work best on either light or dark hair, suitable for all skin types, light, dark or tanned skin which makes us the best clinic for laser hair removal treatment in Jayanagar, Bangalore.

Book an appointment at Livglam today to take an advantage of huge discounts on laser hair removal treatment cost, including men’s laser hair removal and for a free patch test.

Benefits of undergoing the best Laser hair removal in Jayanagar

  • A non-invasive, light approach that eliminates undesirable hair from all parts of the body.
  • Leaves skin looking smoother and silkier.
  • Treats big areas effectively at a time.
  • Minimal discomfort and almost no burning.
  • Replaces waxing, electrolysis, and razors.
  • Less pain during treatment.
  • Reduced risk of ingrown hairs.

Laser hair removal treatment Post care instructions

  • After the procedure for the laser facial hair removal in Jayanagar gets over, doctors may give ice packs, cold water or anti-inflammatory creams or lotions to comfort the treated zones and diminish any discomfort.
  • Stay away from the perfumes and the lotions with fragrances in the treatment area.
  • Don’t use body spray if laser hair removal treatment was done in that area.
  • Avoid body scrubs.
  • Avoid exposure to sun.
  • Do not pick, scratch, & wax the area.
  • Avoid make-up on the treated area for at least 48 hours.


1. Why choose Livglam for laser hair removal treatment in Bangalore?

We use cutting-edge technology to perform the best Laser hair removal in Jayanagar and we offer a wide range of laser hair removal cost in Bangalore with high-quality equipment, the best possible care, and value for money.

2. What will be the aftereffect of laser hair removal treatment?

Temporary irritation, discomfort, mild swelling, and slight redness are possible effects after laser hair removal treatment. Our doctors use icing or cold packs or cool cloth on the affected area as post-procedure care for the best Laser hair removal in Jayanagar.

3. What is the procedure for laser treatment?

Our world-class medical lasers use light which is absorbed by the pigment, then it’s converted to heat to destroy hair follicles and removes hair permanently. Laser hair removal treatment in Bangalore is a noninvasive cosmetic medical procedure done to get rid of unwanted hair on a long-term basis.

4. What will be the cost of laser treatment in Bangalore?

Our laser hair removal treatment cost is affordable and will match any competitor’s price. Facial laser hair removal cost at Livglam start from 3k per session and for larger areas of the body, prices can go up to 6k per session.

5. Will it be painful while doing the treatment?

The best Laser hair removal in Jayanagar is completely a painless procedure, but it can be dangerous in inexperienced hands as burns, scars, and pigmentation can occur. But in Livglam, there is no such thing that happens as the procedure is performed by certified doctors.

6. Is Laser hair removal worth it?

while many consider laser hair removal treatment cost is expensive,but if you add up ow much you spend on your waxing sessions or razors in your life time, it might be worth the laser hair removal cost in bangalore.You won’t have to worry about your hair removal routine for many years.

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