Laser Hair Reduction in Bangalore

Laser Hair Reduction in Bangalore

Laser hair Reduction treatment is a modern technique that uses energy that heats the hair right down the root, safely destroying it without damaging the surrounding skin.
It’s an approved hair reduction technique using light energy which provides fast and effective long-term hair removal results on the face and body.

How does laser hair Reduction work?

Laser hair reduction treatment is a non-invasive medical procedure that is a safe and effective way to achieve lasting results.
The laser targets melanin in multiple hair follicles in its active growth stage in about a fraction of a second and ensures hair follicles are destroyed so the hair growth reduces and eventually does not grow again. During the laser hair reduction treatment in Bangalore, you will feel a slight, hot pricking sensation in the treated area, this is the heat hitting the hair root. Using the latest laser technology, we have treated hundreds of clients in Bangalore giving the best results for all hair and skin types.
Laser hair reduction in Bangalore is suitable for men and women with all skin tones. It works on your entire body, including sensitive areas such as the face and bikini line. Here at Livglam clinic, we use industry-leading FDA-approved laser technology to ensure all of our hair removal treatments are effective and safe on your skin, anywhere on your body. Our
laser hair Reduction Bangalore treatments permanently reduce hair growth by 90%.
Our laser hair removal treatment enables you to benefit from smooth and healthier skin, by clearing the bumps, redness, skin pigmentation, in-grown hairs, ingrown hair scars, and irritation that can occur with shaving.

Laser hair removal cost in Bangalore

The laser hair Removal cost in Bangalore starts from 4k for a single session. Comparing the cost, time, and efficiency of many years of waxing or shaving over laser hair removal treatments means it’s excellent value for money. At livglam clinic, laser hair reduction cost in Bangalore is fairly priced and affordable, we always provide reasonable offers that patients can pay in installments and get the best hair reduction treatments from experienced doctors.


1. What must I do after getting laser hair removal in Bangalore?

After the procedure of laser hair reduction in Bangalore, your treated skin may become sensitive to touch. So care for your skin by minimizing sun exposure and avoiding rubbing on the skin. After a day or two, any irritation post-procedure will ease up.

2. When will I see the results after having laser hair removal?

Many clients start to see results of laser hair removal Bangalore within the first few weeks after treatment. The results will improve over time with each session of laser hair reduction treatment in Bangalore.

3. When is it safe to have another laser treatment for hair removal?

It's best to wait at least four weeks between each treatment. If you leave too long or too short a gap between appointments, you may find the treatment is less effective than if the treatments are spaced correctly.

4. What is the safety record for laser hair removal?

Laser hair reduction treatment is generally safe, but temporary and minor side effects such as temporary irritation and redness are possible.

5. How many sessions are needed?

Most people often need 6-8 sessions for optimal results. Our doctors will recommend you to come back for maintenance or a touch-up session once a year.

6. What is a laser hair removal procedure?

The laser hair reduction in Bangalore is a convenient, noninvasive procedure that uses a powerful diode laser to permanently reduce unwanted hair on the face and body in the process heat from the laser is used to destroy hair follicles.

7. Who can get LHR done?

Almost everyone having body hair who is interested in laser hair reduction in Bangalore and would like to reduce hair permanently is qualified for this treatment.
However, specific hair and skin types make a difference in the effectiveness of laser hair removal.

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