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Best Hair Transplantation in Bangalore

What is a Hair Transplant?

Many people are troubled by bald patches and thinning of hair. Well, they have the option of hair transplantation in Bangalore. Hair transplantation refers to a surgical procedure whereby a donor’s hair follicles from the back of the head are extracted and they are implanted onto the recipient site. This works as a permanent solution for hair loss on the eyebrows, scalp, beard hair, and eyelashes.

Hair transplant procedures are becoming popular in Bangalore , a vibrant city renowned for its advancements in the field of technology and medicine. Also, beard transplants can benefit men who have bald patches in their beard and want a stylish beard. Likewise, if you have thin or damaged eyebrows, an eyebrow hair transplant can help to look younger and feel confident.

Now, there are various reasons for hair loss. These include hormonal imbalances (during the pregnancy or menopausal stages), stress, genetics, or a combination of them. Moreover, certain medications can cause hair loss, which include blood thinners or chemotherapy medicines. It is important to determine the underlying cause before deciding on the treatment course.

The good news is that you can avail the best hair transplant in Bangalore . Technological developments have made it possible to regain a head full of hair while boosting your confidence.

Explore your different options in hair fixing in Bangalore procedures at Livglam Aesthetic Clinic for a new you today!

Understanding the Hair Transplant?

There are various hair transplantation in Bangalore procedures which can be tailored to meet the unique needs of clients. As far as FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) is concerned, this procedure entails strip harvesting. On the other hand, FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) involves individual follicle extraction.

A combination of both techniques – FUT and FUE - is possible, too. Besides, eyebrow restoration, body hair to head transplant, female hair transplant, and beard transplant are customizable to suit varied requirements. It is advisable to check your hair transplantation in Bangalore options and choose the ones that best match your requirements and budget. Bangalore offers a range of hair transplant options for customers seeking thicker hair, defined eyebrows, and a fuller beard.

At Livglam Aesthetic Clinic, our medical professionals can check your hair condition and suggest the best hair transplant procedure for you. We have a range of hair transplantation procedures, as seen in the following details.

Types of Hair Transplant procedure in Bangalore:

1. FUT hair transplant in Bangalore

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) Technique

Livglam Aesthetic Clinic has the expertise to perform the FUT procedure, which is also called the strip method, at the best hair grafting cost in Bangalore . As part of this technique, strips of hair are removed from the donor area and meticulously implanted into the recipient area.


1.Extraction Process: This strip method includes removing a 1 to 1.2 cm wide strip of skin from the donor area, which involves precise stitching and some scarring. It takes about 15-30 minutes for this extraction process.

2. Microscopic Processing: The extracted hair strips are then prepared for transplantation under a microscope to maintain follicular units' integrity.

3.Implantation Procedure: Surgeons, using a hollow needle, implant the meticulously processed follicular units into the recipient region. As many as 2500 hair root groups can be transplanted via the FUT technique in a single session.

The FUT technique can harvest more grafts, although with a longer downtime. Livglam Aesthetic Clinic also offers mega and giga sessions involving the seamless integration of FUT and FUE techniques to optimize graft harvesting and obtain the desired results.

2. FUE hair transplant in Bangalore

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Technique

FUE can be described as a minimally invasive approach that involves the harvesting of individual follicular units (which contain 1 to 4 hairs) from dense hair growth areas into thin or bald hair regions. FUE does not involve stitches.


1. Harvesting: This procedure is all about delicately harvesting individual follicular units from areas of thick hair growth to balding portions with precision.

2. Transplantation: After harvesting the follicular units, they are transplanted into target areas with thin or bald hair. It entails small punch incisions for extraction and implantation, eliminating the need for stitches.

3. Combination technique of FUT and FUE:

The combined FUT and FUE specialized technique aims to maximize the number of hair grafts with little or no damage. This procedure is recommended for people with advanced baldness or those who want high-density hair transplants. More than 4000 hair grafts can be yielded in a single session via this integrated approach.

For starters, 3500 hair grafts are harvested via the FUT technique. It includeits extracting a strip of skin and follicular units from the donor area.

The rest 1500 hair grafts are implanted via the FUE technique. It involves extracting hair grafts that are situated some distance apart, minimizing damage and scarring.

The combination of the FUT and FUE techniques results in natural and fuller-looking hair with fewer complications.

4. Semi Robotic Hair Transplant:

The cosmetic industry is becoming more technologically advanced and robotic arms are replacing manual surgical work in hair fixing in Bangalore processes. Now, there are various advantages of semi-robotic hair transplantation. For starters, robotic grafting systems make use of algorithms to analyze the nature of the patient’s hair and its density, which makes it easier to determine the suitability of automated extraction.

Additionally, robotic extraction can help in reducing the intervention time of a hair transplant by about 50%. This makes it possible for the medical team to focus better on implanting the robotically-removed grafts.

Besides, the hair transplant price in Bangalore goes down considerably with the use of robotics, almost by 30%, making it affordable for more patients. Also, automatic transplants are non-invasive and non-painful and do not leave any scars from surgery for long.

5. Bio FUE Hair Transplant:

A Bio FUE Hair Transplant is best described as an advanced version of the FUE Hair Transplant, resulting in enhanced natural hair growth. This latest technology treatment promotes the renewal of human cells, particularly in the embryonic phase. This cell germination process facilitates hair growth while improving its strength. Following this treatment, the hair specialist doctor Bangalore carries out the same FUE treatment process with some improvements. This helps the transplanted area to heal faster while the growth of transacted hair improves in both strength and texture. Also, FUE hair transplant is considered suitable for hair regrowth because it rejuvenates the dead hair follicles, leading to healthy hair regrowth. Moreover, the treatment does not result in any linear scars where the hair grafts have been removed.

Beard transplant cost in Bangalore

Through this procedure, you can enhance your beard density or get a new beard with hair from other parts of the body.The FUE technique individually harvests and restores hair follicles around the beard area.

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Eyebrow Hair Transplant in Bangalore :

Like hair transplantation, eyebrow transplants can help to restore eyebrows for people who have lost them because of medical problems; even people who want fuller brows can opt for this procedure.

The FUE technique is deployed to transplant donor hair to the eyebrows for a fuller appearance.

Female Hair Transplant Surgery in Bangalore :

Women with hair loss problems can approach Livglam Aesthetic Clinic. Using FUE and FUT methods, our hair transplantation procedures resolve the hair loss problem for women, whereby a female hairline is created.

Body Hair to Head Transplant

When it comes to individuals with lesser donor areas on the scalp, Livglam Aesthetic Clinic determines the potential of using body hair. First, the person is given local or general anesthesia, which is followed by the extraction of body hair and its transplantation for fullness around the scalp portion. Only Livglam Aesthetic Clinic offers this innovative procedure at the best hair grafting cost in Bangalore , which is why we are renowned for the best hair transplant in Bangalore .

Best Hospital for Hair Transplant Treatment in Bangalore - Livglam Clinic

A range of options in cheap hair transplants are available. However, it is always better to prioritize quality and safety over costs. As far as cheap procedures are concerned, they come with risks. These include damage to donor areas, unnatural hairlines, and poor results. Moreover, some practitioners are not trained adequately and they do not have the required facilities, resulting in complications.

Dr. Harish is a reputed aesthetic physician and surgeon in Bangalore who is associated with Livglam Aesthetic Clinic. He is known for his excellence in medical care. Never be swayed by false promises and low rates. Approach Livglam Aesthetic Clinic for quality care and competitive rates.

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The Cost of Hair Transplant in Bangalore

The hair grafting cost in Bangalore hinges on a variety of factors:

Stages of Hair Loss and Hair Transplant Areas Approx Hair Grafts Approx Minimum Cost Approx Maximum Cost Approx Session Time
Frontal Hairline Up to 1,500 Hair Grafts Rs. 45000 Rs. 70000 4 hours
Frontal Forelock Hair Transplant Up to 2500-3500 Hair Grafts Rs. 75000 Rs. 90000 6 hours
Crown/Vertex Hair Transplant Up to 4000 - 4500 Hair Grafts Rs. 100000 Rs. 120000 7 hours
Front and Crown Hair Transplant Up to 5000 - 6500 Hair Grafts Rs. 130000 Rs. 150000 8 hours
Mid-scalp and crown Hair Transplant 7000-9000Hair Grafts Rs. 150000 Rs. 1800000 9 hours
Mega Hair Transplant Above 10,000 Hair Grafts Rs. 200000 Rs. 300000 10 hours

Number of Hairs or Grafts:

The hair transplant cost Bangalore is fixed by the number of hairs or grafts to be transplanted. Any person having extreme hair loss will require more grafts, driving up the overall costs.

Location and Quality of the Clinic:

The costs of hair transplant in Bangalore also tend to vary depending on the clinic’s location and reputation. Premium clinics have advanced facilities and qualified medical staff; hence, they charge more.

Chosen Hair Transplantation Method:

Going by the technique you choose, the hair transplant cost in Bangalore is determined. The charges for the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and the Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) procedures are the same. Nonetheless, FUE involves individual harvesting of grafts and takes more time.

Best Hair transplant clinic Best Hair transplant clinic

Experience of Doctors and Surgeons:

Among other factors that influence the hair transplant cost in Bangalore is the expertise of the medical professionals who will perform the transplant. A highly trained hair specialist doctor Bangalore who has performed successful procedures will often charge more.

Can I get a Hair Transplant Surgery done?

Hair transplantation is recommended for men and women experiencing hair loss. Baldness occurs due to cosmetic surgeries, scalp injuries, or scarring. Get in touch with the health specialists at Livglam Aesthetic Clinic for a consultation to know the best hair transplant surgery for you.

Also, the hair transplant in Bangalore procedure is expensive. And you may not have immediate funds available for hair transplant surgery. With Livglam Aesthetic Clinic, you can avail 0% interest loans and low-cost EMI options. Restore your self-esteem with the best hair fixing in Bangalore technique.

Hair Transplant Procedures at the Livglam Clinic

Herein you can know more about Livglam Clinic’s hair transplant procedures and the hair transplant cost in Bangalore :

  • Frontal Hairline implants up to 1500 hair grafts over 4 hours; this hair transplant cost Bangalore ranges from Rs 45000 to Rs 70000
  • Frontal Forelock Hair Transplants involves implanting between 2500 and 3500 hair grafts over 6 hours, costing between Rs 75000 to Rs 90000.
  • Crown Vertex Hair Transplant entails implanting between 4000 to 4500 hair grafts over 7 hours for a cost of Rs 100000 to Rs 120000.
  • Front and Crown Hair Transplant includes implanting 5000 to 6000 hair grafts over 8 hours while costing between Rs 130000 to Rs 1500000.
  • Mid-scalp and Crown Hair Transplant can implant 7000 to 9000 hair grafts over 9 hours for Rs 150000 to Rs 1800000.
  • Mega Transplant embeds more than 10000 grafts over 10 hours; this hair transplant price in Bangalore is between Rs 200000 to Rs 300000.

Hair Transplantation - pre-care

Make sure to inform your healthcare provider about any medications that you are consuming. Doing so is important because some medicines may have to be adjusted beforehand.

Do not consume blood-thinning medications (such as Ibuprofen or Aspirin) for at least 7 days before the surgery. This is because they can increase your chances of bleeding during surgery.

Your doctor will also restrain you from smoking and drinking alcohol for at least 7 days before the procedure. By doing so, you can reduce your risk of complications while promoting the healing process.

Adhere to your doctor’s guidelines regarding washing and conditioning your hair when your surgery is a few days away for a clean and healthy scalp.

The intake of a balanced diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals helps in hair growth and the healing process after surgery.

Make sure to get enough rest after the surgery for faster recovery; do not take stress and avoid strenuous activities.

Hair Transplantation - post care

To get the most from your hair transplant in Bangalore surgery, you should follow the given post-care instructions, including:

Do not smoke, consume alcohol, and take pain relievers

Avoid engaging in vigorous activity for a few weeks after the surgical procedure

Consume the oral medications as prescribed

Sleep in a semi-upright position

Hydrate your scalp for optimal healing

Recovery process

The hair transplant in Bangalore procedure runs between 4 to 8 hours while recovery takes 7 to 9 days. Local anesthesia is administered to the patient and they are discharged on the same day. You can return to work 3 days after the hair fixing in Bangalore surgery. However it will take 2 to 3 months for the results to become visible. Bleeding and infections are some risks of this surgery.

Success Rate of Hair Transplant in Bangalore Surgery at Livglam

Livglam Aesthetic Clinic enjoys an astonishing 98% success rate, whereas it is even 100% in some cases. By deploying advanced technologies and effective recovery strategies, we guarantee overall patient satisfaction.

 Hair transplant clinic in Bangalore  Hair transplant clinic in Bangalore Best Hair transplant Best Hair transplant clinic

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Livglam Aesthetic Clinic is committed to quality medical care while offering the best hair transplantation in Bangalore services at competitive prices. We promise natural looking hair for people with baldness and hair loss issues. Along with restoring your mane, we also strive to boost your self-confidence.

While offering the best hair transplant in Bangalore , we invest in enriching the patient experience. Moreover, we have the best hair doctor in Bangalore team who make you comfortable while determining their approach as per your unique needs. Our high rate of success is testimony to our medical expertise and the faith entrusted in us by our clients.

Walk in today for the best hair transplant in Bangalore at the best prices and make us part of your transformation journey!

Amazing hair transplant surgery experience.Dr. Harish is excellent , he made me comfortable through the surgery. The entire staff is very good.Right place for hair transplant in bangalore.

I am very happy with my procedure. Thanks a lot

Umesh Babu

I recently had a FUE hair transplant surgery at Livglam clinic.Its a great experience right from start from consultation to till my post procedure follow up, they have been with atmost care and friendly.Dr. Harish is very knowledgeable and his professionalism is amazing.Thanks to the entire team.

Neeraj Gokul

Dr.Harish is one of the best aesthetic practitioner,whom I know from more then 10 years.since I have worked with him at I blindly trust what ever he recommends 2 my skin nd have got it done by him in his clinic. He is a very good doctor .I have recommend 2 my colleague to visit the clinic. Friendly Staff, good follow up done Roma. Tq De Harish nd Roma.

Natakal Vijayalakshmi

Undergone hair transplant surgery, Dr. Harish handled the surgery very good.Thanks to OT team and Staff nurse who were very patience throughout the surgery.Can't wait to see the results


I got my HT few days back and hpy wit the experience and the results so far.Dr Harish and his team are super professional and hpy wit the outcome.Strongly recommend place fr any hair related issues


I am here to thank my doctor Harish for wonderful hair transplant journey experience.I am very much satisfied with the entire procedure ,he made surgery comfortable and painless.Looking forward for my post maintainence sessions.Thanks to entire staff

Chandu Prince

Patient Review


1. What is Hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure for treating hair loss. It entails moving hair-bearing skin from one part of the scalp to the balding areas after the meticulous skin grafting procedure.

2. Where hair transplantation is indicated?

People could start losing hair at the front end, back, and middle part of the scalp. Consult the medical professionals at Livglam Aesthetic Clinic for the best recommendations for hair transplant surgery.

3. Can I get a Hair Transplant Surgery done?

Both men and women can suffer from baldness, arising due to scalp injuries, scarring, and cosmetic procedures. A hair transplant surgery can resolve your hair loss problems. Call the medical experts at Livglam Aesthetic Clinic to know about your hair transplantation options.

4. What are the techniques of Hair transplant?

There are various hair transplantation procedures that the Livglam Aesthetic Clinic offers at the best hair transplant price in Bangalore . These include Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) Technique, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Technique, combination of FUT and FUE, Semi Robotic Hair Transplant, beard transplant, eyebrow hair transplant, female hair transplant, body hair to head transplant, Bio FUE Hair Transplant.

5. Is the procedure of Hair transplantation painful?

Patients are given local anaesthesia before the hair transplantation surgery. Thus, they do not feel much pain during the surgery. Nonetheless, they may experience some pain a day after the hair implantation. They can take painkillers as prescribed by the best hair doctor in Bangalore to minimize the discomfort.

6. What are the benefits of Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is beneficial for those persons with hair loss issues. They can enhance their overall look with fuller hair on their head. Besides natural-looking hair, they can regain their confidence. In a nutshell, hair transplantation helps by promoting hair growth for a new, confident you.

7. What happens after Hair Transplant Surgery?

A transplanted scalp is swollen, red, and scabby. Patients take between 2 to 14 days to recover from hair transplantation procedures. Importantly, make sure to follow the instructions of the hair specialist doctor Bangalore to be on the safer side.

8. Why choose Livglam Clinic for a Hair Transplant in Bangalore , India?

The reasons for choosing Livglam Clinic for a hair transplant are manifold. A qualified team of medical professionals, advanced technologies and equipment, personalized treatment plans, and quality patient care can be availed herein.

9. Can women undergo Hair Transplantation?

Women can experience hair loss because of scarring and medical conditions. Hair transplantation surgery is recommended for them. This non-invasive approach can help them to sport natural hair while boosting their self-confidence.

10. How long does a Hair Transplant procedure take?

A hair fixing in Bangalore surgery lasts between 4 and 8 hours. If a large quality of hair is implanted, patients may need to return the following day for a few hours.

11. What is the recovery/healing time after the treatment?

The recovery period after the hair transplant procedure is between 4 and 9 days. The intake of a balanced diet and prescribed oral medicines and painkillers are advised for timely recovery.

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