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FUE vs FUT hair transplant for women

Although scalp hair is a necessity for both men and women, losing it doesn't hurt in the same manner. Every woman aspires to have gorgeous hair, but eventually, she starts losing it. Hair is a source of attractiveness, hence hair loss affects women more than men.

Even among women, discussing the issue of baldness is taboo, and those ladies suffer greatly in silence. Many women continue to endure the pain without receiving the right medical care they need to recover from the emotional anguish, embarrassment, and unwelcome stress brought on by hair loss. Regarding your looks in society, only a Hair Transplant in Bangalore can be the answer. In the past, it was believed that only men underwent hair transplants. Those times have passed. Women can now also undergo hair transplantation to replace thinning hair and treat hair loss.

In order to address female hair loss, Hair Transplantation Treatment for women has fast become popular. Before considering hair transplantation, it is necessary to understand the causes of hair loss in women. Telogen alopecia, alopecia areata, hair loss associated with low B12, persistent hair loss due to iron deficiency, and many other types of hair loss are possible: psoriasis (depending on the type), pityriasis, scalp eczema, numerous scalp ailments, such as allergic contact reactions, can lead to hair loss.

Also, though rare, some women can experience hair loss after weight loss surgery or Tummy Tuck surgery in Bangalore as surgery is one of the triggering events for telogen alopecia. But it’s not possible to say what percentage of patients will develop telogen alopecia after surgery. However, scalp and hair treatments are available for these situations.

If you are considering a hair transplant to restore thinning hair, you are not alone. The most recent data indicates that roughly 40% of women have hair loss, and hair restoration provides the opportunity for a fuller head of hair.

There are no major differences between hair transplant procedures for men and women. During a hair transplant treatment, a hair transplant specialist takes a hair follicle from the donor area and inserts it into a microscopic incision made in the recipient area of the scalp. In India, FUE hair treatment is frequently applied to female hair transplants.

A hair transplant is a method of adding hair to the part of your head that is suffering from thinning hair or baldness. For a hair transplant, you’re required to have donor hair from the regions of thick hair on your body. Women who have had a hair transplant are aware of their baldness and may want this treatment because it improves their overall appearance. They can also opt for the BB Glow treatment in Bangalore to ensure that their face glows a lot more than expected.

The type of hair loss a lady experiences determines the hair transplant treatment to use. Some types of hair loss in women include:

  • traction for female pattern baldness Alopecia

  • A trauma or any surgery-induced alopecia to emerge

  • Alopecia with scarring

For those who aspire to a head covered in hair, hair transplantation has emerged as a ray of hope. FUE hair treatment and FUT hair treatment procedures have been found to be equally effective in treating patients. Which should you select between FUE and FUT? The sole technical distinction is in how the grafts are harvested from the donor location. The procedure for implanting grafts is the same in both cases. Therefore, the difference in hair transplantation is simply one step. Only the donor area varies between them.

In your meeting with your surgeon, your surgeon will go through a number of factors that will determine whether you should get an FUE hair treatment or a FUT hair treatment. People wanting a greater number of hair grafts because of severe hair thinning are better patients for a FUT treatment since grafts provide a greater number of transplantation follicles.

FUE hair transplant

In FUE treatment, hair follicles are extracted individually and then transplanted to different locations on the scalp. Shaving the back of your head is the first step in the hair transplant method FUE. Individual hair follicles are removed from the back of the head while the patient is sedated, and very small incisions are made in the scalp. These incisions are used to insert the individual hair follicles that were extracted from the back of the head, and the surgical site is then bandaged or covered with gauze.

  • Unlike with FUT, there is no linear scar that can be seen.

  • Small dot scars are left behind, but because they are scarcely visible to the human eye, it is possible to resume activities more quickly.

  • Short haircuts are a possibility because scarring isn't too bad.

  • FUE is appropriate for folks who might just require a few grafts in their hairline.

  • The healing process for FUE is quicker than that of FUT.


FUT hair transplant

In a procedure known as follicular unit transplantation (FUT), strips of the scalp are removed from the patient's back and the wound is sutured. The surgeon then uses a knife to cut strips of the scalp into smaller pieces to separate the hair follicles. Grafts are the name for these small pieces. Sometimes the surgeon would cut the original scalp strip into thousands of grafts, each with one to four hair follicles. A small hole is made in the scalp where the hair is to be treated. The hole in the donor site is then filled with graft and the surgical site is bandaged or covered with gauze. A local anesthetic is used throughout the process.

  • FUT treatment is the best choice for people who need several transplants.

  • FUT provides the most richness

  • You can maintain a long hairstyle thanks to FUT, which will assist hide the linear scar.

  • The FUT procedure may often be completed in 4 to 12 hours, which is typically less time than FUE, which can occasionally require more than one day.

  • FUT is frequently less expensive than FUE.



How the hair is harvested is the key distinction between an FUE hair treatment and a FUT hair treatment . FUT hair transplantation removes a piece of hair from the back of the head, leaving a linear scar, while FUE hair transplantation, which harvests and transplants individual follicular units, leaves far less overall scarring. FUE scars are a bit like that. After receiving a FUT hair transplant, many patients may choose to let their hair grow longer in order to hide linear scars. FUT hair transplants usually take less time than FUE hair transplants, depending on the patient and the total amount of hair to be transplanted.

On the other hand, FUE transplants might be more suitable for those who simply need a few grafts or who want to resume their regular activities quickly after their transplant because the recuperation period following an FUE treatment is frequently quicker because it is less intrusive.

FUE vs FUT Success rate

There is very little difference in the success rates of FUT vs FUE. However, some studies have shown that the FUT method can be slightly more effective than FUE in cases where 5000 hair grafts are to be transplanted.

FUE vs FUT Pain

Both hair transplant surgeries are conducted under local anesthesia however FUT hair transplant method can be a little painful and discomfort since FUT involves removing a long and thin piece of tissue from the scalp.

FUE vs FUT Results

The results of FUE and FUT techniques are the same.


Charges are the same whether it is FUE or FUT hair transplant in Bangalore, Livglam clinic. But FUE Hair Transplants Clinic in Bangalore are at higher prices in some clinics in bangalore.


Follicular unit excision (FUE) and follicular unit transplantation (FUT) are two well-liked methods for transplanting hair. Both hair restoration procedures can give you naturally thicker, fuller hair, but there are important distinctions between them. Livglam aesthetic clinic, one of the best hair transplant clinic in Bangalore provides the best hair treatment with cutting-edge technologies at a very reasonable and fair price. We have patients coming from all corners of India and Karnataka because of the 100% success rate and patient satisfaction.

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