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Which types of transplantation look the most natural?

Bangalore is well-known throughout the world for its IT firms and traffic congestion. This major city's heavy traffic contributes to increased pollution and a decline in the city's natural beauty. Stress, an unhealthy lifestyle, and a poor diet nowadays make hair fragile, lifeless, and thin, which increases baldness risk. In India, this issue is escalating quickly on a daily basis. Bangalore residents have hair loss, and the majority of them think it's a natural occurrence.

India has emerged as one of the most popular locations for affordable treatment due to the increased knowledge of hair transplantation. It is one of the greatest all-natural solutions to conceal the bald spot. Numerous skilled medical Hair Transplantation Clinics in Bangalore offer the best hair transplant outcomes internationally.

To help patients get realistic-looking and durable outcomes, skilled doctors and surgeons undertake Hair Transplant in Bangalore, which is a complex and complete medical process. Almost any type or grade of hair loss can be treated by hair transplantation permanently. Using a surgical procedure, hair from the rear of your scalp is removed and transplanted to a part of your head that is barren or has sparse hair. The area where hair is being replaced is referred to as the "receiver area," and the rear of the scalp is referred to as the "donor area." Hair transplantation is a therapy that can be used to restore eyebrows and beards in addition to the head.

Selecting a hair transplant clinic in Bangalore

When weighing their hair transplant alternatives, consumers typically place a lot of weight on the expense of the process while paying little attention to the results. Professionally performed hair transplants produce favourable outcomes with priceless feelings of positivity and confidence. However, there is a great danger of unsatisfactory results when clinics cut corners to provide hair transplants at a low cost, which can negatively affect a patient's morale and mental health and make even the cheapest procedure appear pricey.

Patients in Bangalore struggle to select the best yet most affordable clinic because there are so many hair transplant clinics in the city. You deserve the greatest hair transplant in Bangalore since you are unique. The majority of South India's hair transplant facilities are now located in this large city. The good news is that there are numerous physicians who provide hair transplants, however, as hair transplantation is a medical treatment, it should be performed to the greatest standards possible with regard to patient safety, staff quality, surgical equipment, surgeon knowledge, hygienic requirements, etc. When you select a cheap facility, you may experience significant scarring, subpar results, an unnaturally placed hairline, or even health issues.

Causes of Hair Loss

Water: Hard, dirty, and frequently used water in Bangalore is one of the main causes of hair loss.

Diet: It is very difficult to maintain a balanced diet that contains all the vitamins and proteins needed to sustain a healthy life because the majority of the population is made up of migrants who stay in paid hotel rooms and are unable to enjoy freshly cooked cuisine. Another risk that might lead to long-term health issues and hair loss is an unbalanced diet that is deficient in the right nutrients.

Pollution: Another factor contributing to your hair loss issues is pollution. Because Bangalore doesn't have good train connectivity, the only way to get around is by car, which increases pollution.

Stress: Hair loss is common in Bangalore because of the high workload, strain at work, and other factors.

Types of Hair Transplantation

Bangalore FUT Hair Transplantation

In this procedure, a strip of skin is removed from the back of the scalp, near the hairline. The grafts are then removed from this and harvested in a Petri plate filled with ordinary saline. The grafts are implanted after the recipient area has been dermabraded. The patient is instructed to return for suture removal in two weeks. In order to ensure that nearly 100% of the grafts survive on both sides, the angles of the hair development are observed and small incisions are made one at a time in these directions. This enables more graft harvests and the retention of grafts in the donor area, enabling a virtually invisible scar.

One of the initial hair transplant techniques, FUT is employed when greater areas need to be covered. If the surgery was done well, all that will be left is a linear scar that will blend in with the new hair growth.

  • Strip grafting is less expensive

  • needs fewer sessions

  • produces more follicular units

  • It also prevents hidden grafts


Bangalore FUE Hair Transplantation

Under local anaesthetic, individual follicular units (FUs) with 1–4 hairs are extracted using a specialised tool in this approach. On the back of the scalp, there is no incision. Similar to FUT, the recipient area of the scalp is dermabrasion before the isolated follicular units are implanted there. Through the use of micro punches, hair will be removed in tiny grafts, with no more than 2–5 follicles per graft. The recipient area will get these grafts, ensuring that the patient experiences the least amount of discomfort possible.

Because FUE leaves significantly fewer scars than a standard FUT operation, it is perhaps the most popular way to transplant hair at the moment. In order to provide the most natural outcomes, the method is used.

  • Suitable for both sexes

  • treats all skin conditions

  • treats hair loss from any cause (beard, brow, eyelashes, etc.).

Cost of Hair transplant in Bangalore

In men and women as early as their 20s, hair loss is a frequent condition that can result in abrupt hair loss, volume reduction, increased scalp visibility, and even premature balding.

Depending on the degree of hair loss, which can range from moderate to severe, the average hair transplant price in Bangalore is between 35k and 1.5k. Without sacrificing the calibre of the surgery, we are committed to offering the best hair transplants at the most affordable hair transplant cost bangalore in the market.

Factors that reflect hair transplant in Bangalore
  • The quantity of grafts or hairs that must be implanted

  • Location and clinic standards

  • selection of a hair transplantation technique

  • experience of surgeons/doctors

  • The cost of the procedure's equipment, medication, and labour

  • The complexity of the hair transplant required to produce the desired results for patients affects the hair transplant pricing in Bangalore.

In Bangalore, the price of a hair transplant begins at 26,751. The per-graft method is the method that is most frequently used in India to determine the cost of hair transplants. Each transplant contains one to three follicles.

The least expensive FUT hair transplant in Bangalore costs roughly 25 per graft. In high-end clinics, this cost could increase to 40 per graft. The starting price for an FUE hair transplant in Bangalore is 30 per graft. The price per graft may be as high as 45.

Thus, the average cost of a hair transplant in Bangalore is between 35,000 and 2,75,000. (excluding GST). The price may vary with different clinics.

However, you can be sure that you will have the greatest hair transplant in Bangalore if you choose to have your hair implantation at a high-end clinic with some of the most skilled hair transplant specialists.

Does the Hair Transplant look Natural?

Does the Hair Transplant look Natural? People who opt for hair transplants don't want the new hair to look cosmetic. They seek outcomes that appear natural. To avoid problems with hair transplants that look unnatural requires a skilled hair surgeon. Numerous low-quality hair transplants not only push the hairline too far down the forehead but also make it unnaturally straight.

Hairline designs that seem natural-looking are desired by both men and women that get hair transplantation.

The most skilled hair surgeons who take pride in their job will transfer individual follicular units onto the front of the hairline using either the FUE or the FUT procedure. This gives a natural touch to the undulating hairline. Hair grafts can be carefully positioned on the crown of the head using FUE and FUT procedures such that their growth mimics natural growth.


The identity and self-esteem of both men and women are greatly influenced by having healthy, beautiful hair. The top SMP hair treatment in bangalore can restore your appearance by giving individuals with hair loss outcomes that are both natural-looking and long-lasting at an affordable price.

Good hair doesn't appear fake. A hair transplant that seems to be a hair transplant is unacceptable. No matter how many grafts are needed, fantastic outcomes are now possible because of modern technology.

At Livglam aesthetic clinics, one of the best hair transplant clinic bangalore, we offer advanced FUT and FUE techniques that give the best results in a very short downtime. Livglam clinic is a one-stop solution for all Hair Loss Treatment in Bangalore with the most trusted client base and the highest client satisfaction rate. We provide tailored and quality hair treatment in bangalore to meet the needs of patient’s hair loss issues.


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