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Avoid these 10 skincare mistakes that are causing you Acne!

You should know that its not just your products that are contributing to acne, but probably its your daily habits that can trigger acne breakouts.

You do not need to invest in expensive products or skincare procedures. You can get healthier looking skin simply avoiding some common skincare blunders.

Our top dermatologists had revealed the skincare mistakes that continue to see people make. It’s important to avoid these mistakes so as to get the best results from your acne pimples treatment. Correcting these skincare mistakes here and there will improve results of best treatment for acne and pimples. and your overall skin totally.

At Livglam clinic, we won’t recommend acne pimples treatments unless they are backed up by experience and science. We provide the best treatment for acne and pimples. producing consistent and reliable end results.

Livglam offers best facial treatment for acne depending on the needs of your skin to help treat your problems with acne.

Here are the most common skincare mistakes you are probably making right now at this very moment that are either causing acne or damaging your skin.

1. Over cleansing or cleansing too little
Over cleansing can actually make the surface oilier and can aggravate acne as sebum overproduction clogs the pores triggering acne. The acid mantle of the skin which is barrier against bacteria can also be disrupted with over cleansing and result in inflammation.
On the other hand, by not cleansing at all, your skin’s surface will be accumulated with dirt, dust, grime, gunk, makeup residue and oil build up, clogging your pores and resulting in acne. Therefore, it’s best to cleanse twice a day regularly: morning and night.

2. Harsh exfoliation on skin
While exfoliation is one of the essential parts of skincare routine, over exfoliation can be highly damaging in the long term. Exfoliating too much can make your skin hyper sensitive. Over a period of time habit of scrubbing too hard can make your skin prone to acne, irritation and can cause other breakouts on the skin by forceful removal of the outer layer even before new layer has formed.

3. Skipping moisturizer and SPF
Not using moisturizers and sunscreen or not reapplying can also impact acne breakout. When your skin becomes dry, your body makes overproduction of oil and excess oil can clog pores leading to blemishes, black heads, white heads worsening your acne.
Sunscreen is rather a must have product for skin care routine as over exposure to sun can lead to skin damage causing breakouts. Too much sun exposure makes epidermis dry leading to more secretion of oil from glands and clogged pores. Not wearing SPF can also end up your skin developing signs of ageing like wrinkles and fine lines. Prefer products that are water based with SPF 30 or more to avoid irritation and pores clogging.

4. Constantly touching your face
Touching your face too much can cause transferring dirt and bacteria from your fingers on to your face resulting in clogging pores up in turn developing acne.
Most of us do it without noticing, but that might trigger acne. The act of touching face often can cause harmful bacteria to develop and increases the chances of more acne to form by clogging pores. A lot of increased touching can also irritate skin and this irritation can increase acne.

5. Not taking your makeup off at night
Not removing your make-up before going to bed clogs the open pores and secretes oil which can significantly increase acne, breakouts and inflammation.
The skin regains its moisture and repairs the damaged cells when you are asleep. Sleeping with makeup doesn’t allow the skin to replenish and this can lead to acne or breakouts.

Skin treatment in Bangalore

6. Using skincare products not designed for your skin type.
People need to be more cautious with different ingredients in their skincare products. Sometimes people with different skin types use the wrong product for their type of skin in which some ingredients can trigger breakouts or irritation for other skin types.
If you are not sure what type of skin you have, our dermatologist can guide about your skin type and you can start selecting products with more precision.

7. Stay hydrated
Drinking enough water can help promote skin hydration, which could help prevent acne. Increasing fluid intake enhances the hydration of the outer layer of the skin while reducing skin dryness and roughness. Dry skin can trigger excess oil production which could contribute to acne.
Adequate hydration not only helps your skin to maintain its strength and elasticity but also improves ability to fight against bacteria and other toxins helping you fight acne breakouts.

8. Too many products using on face
When products are overused, they can overly dry or irritate skin resulting breakouts. With so many skin care choices available, people often overuse or combine products which can worsen their skin. Too much of products can result in redness, irritation, dryness and worsened breakouts.
Overusing products or combining certain ingredients have potential to counteract each other and irritate skin. Many products with active ingredients on face cannot be absorbed properly and can make skin dry patches on the face leading to congestion or acne breakouts.

9. Keep facial care products clean
You should clean makeup brushes and facial sponges regularly with soap or lukewarm water to prevent bacteria build up which could lead to breakouts.
Dirty makeup brushes and sponges is one of the most common reasons for skin breakouts and acne as number of germs and bacteria that live on those unclean brushes can easily spread on the face resulting in acne if not regularly cleaned. Sanitizing and cleaning your facial makeup tools reduce the transmission of bacteria and prevent breakouts.

10. Wearing makeup when you workout
Makeup can mix with sweat to create a pore clogging situation on your face. Excess sebum and makeup should be removed prior to exercise as during the workout, the increased production of sweat mixed with sebum and makeup on the skin increases the chance of developing clogged pores.
During your workouts, the increased blood flow causes the pores to open and the build-up of bacteria, oil, dirt and makeup can get trapped in to your pores and get clogged resulting in acne.

If you still have acne after trying these tips, our dermatologists at Livglam clinic can help you guide best facial treatment for acne by assessing your acne and suggest next steps for best treatment for acne and pimples.


t is essential to understand the common mistakes that can lead to skin problems. These facts can help you improve your skin care routine and can even support the acne pimples treatment over time.

If your acne is severe and consistent, then you should seek out help from a medical professional. Livglam experts offer a large number of acne pimples treatments including chemical peels, laser treatments, light therapies and acne facials. Our certified dermatologist and aesthetician can diagnose your condition and can guide you a best treatment for acne and pimples. tailored to your needs.

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