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Medi-facials or Medicated Facials are specific facials in which advanced technology, researched protocols, and science-based ingredients are used. Medi-facials are ideal for refreshing and revitalizing skin that looks tired, dull, and lacking in radiance.

Medicated facials are designed to take the regular facial to the next level and really focus on repairing, restoring, and rejuvenating the skin while regular facials do not serve a purpose, hence many people are turning to Medicated facials.

The Medicated facials seems to give clients the best of both worlds, providing a medical treatment for the skin whilst still keeping some of the regular facial qualities.

Who are suitable for medifacials?

Medifacials generally benefit everyone, for all skin types and can especially help to treat following conditions.

  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Rosacea
  • Signs of aging
  • Oiliness and acne prone skin
  • Preventive skin care

We recommend using this treatment regularly, to support your usual skincare regimen and enhance the results. Medi facials are fully customisable therefore can be adapted to individual skin conditions.

Livglam clinic offers the best medifacial in Bangalore which is great to those who are looking to achieve a clearer complexion having procedure performed by better qualified hands.

There is a variety of top antiaging facials in Bangalore where we are specialized in the best medifacial treatment in Bangalore for a decade following best practices and standards.

Types of medifacials in Bangalore:

PRP Vampire Facials - PRP Facial uses the patient’s own blood to separate the plasma and platelets. The portion that is rich with platelets is re-injected into the skin to release different growth factors helping the skin to repair and produce more collagen, resulting in a healthier complexion with improved vitality.
The process at our Medi Facials Clinic in Jaynagar usually results in full collagen rejuvenation after 3 months. It will help new blood vessel formation together with collagen production to help build a new dermis.
As Microfine needles are used to administer the PRP, you may feel irritation, itchy and puffy which is normal and generally settle down within 24 hrs.

Laser facials in Bangalore - Carbon Laser facials are very advanced, and help to improve the skin tone texture and brightness without damaging the surface. They also help to stimulate the collagen, in pore reduction, and reduce the pigmentation without any downtime or side effects.
The carbon laser facial peel in Bangalore is an exfoliating and resurfacing treatment performed at our Medi Facials Clinics in Bangalore. It uses activated carbon powder and an advanced Q -switch laser to treat many conditions. As laser goes on the skin, it destroys carbon on the skin by clearing all the issues such as pigmentation, redness, rosacea, acne, blackheads, enlarged pores, dehydrated, oily, and dull skin. You may feel a slight tingling or a little pinch sensation during the procedure. It's very gentle on your skin and suitable for all ages.

Laser facials in bangalore for redness and rosacea -
Q-switched Nd YAG laser can be used to target redness and thread veins on the face.

Laser facials in bangalore for texture and tone -
Ablative lasers such as CO2 are considered as a choice for resurfacing the skin to improve overall skin texture and tone as well as scarring.

Laser facials in bangalore for pigmentation and dark spots
Q-switched Nd YAG laser can be used for treatment of pigmentation such as sunspots.

Do laser facials in bangalore hurt?

The pain is minimal and you may experience slightly pricking or tingling sensation during the procedure, but that will go away after your session.

Get an even skin glow with carbon laser facial peel in Bangalore in our expert safe hands to make a measurable difference.
Livglam Medi Facials Clinics in Bangalore provides the results-driven best laser carbon facial treatment in Jayanagar Bangalore at an affordable cost and enjoys its benefits.

Hydradermabrasion(HDA) | Celebrity facial in bangalore| Hydrafacial - Hydradermabrasion facial or Hydrafacial is a water and serum-based facial treatment that delivers a crystal-free exfoliation giving skin a deep cleanse, detox, and an instant glow. Medi Facials Clinics in Bangalore perform this by using high-pressure air and water jets to the outer layer of skin to exfoliate and simultaneously infuse skin solutions, and serums to improve skin’s hydration and elasticity.
Hydradermabrasion, also known as ‘celebrity facial’ is the latest and greatest way to eliminate dark spots and hyperpigmentation. This new technology uses water and oxygen to effortlessly exfoliate the skin. A hydradermabrasion facial can even be ideal for rejuvenating the skin for one-off special events such as weddings. The treatment can also be combined with other chemical peels and laser facials treatments as part of a complete skincare regime.

Microdermabrassion(MDA) - Microdermabrasion Medi Facials in Bangalore uses tiny medical-grade aluminum-oxide crystals on the surface of the skin using a handheld device to exfoliate the skin layers while using vacuum suction to remove the crystals and dead skin cells.
Microdermabrasion is a non-surgical method of rejuvenation by means of mechanical skin exfoliation without chemicals or lasers. The vacuum capacity used in Medical Microdermabrasion is significantly stronger, therefore providing deeper penetration and guaranteeing better overall results.
Medical Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive, painless procedure performed at our Medi Facials Clinic in Jayanagar, although you may experience slight discomfort for a short time as the aluminum crystals are delivered at high velocity directly onto the skin's surface. However, the controls of the handheld device and vacuum capacity are flexible, so patients can tailor their treatment for their individual skin type for a less intense treatment. Microdermabrasion is suitable for all skin types, gives instant visible results, and does not require downtime.
Microdermabrasion treatment can also be used in combination with laser skin rejuvenation treatment.

Oxygen therapy facials in Bangalore - The Oxygen facials in Bangalore use airbrushes for spraying highly concentrated molecules of oxygen to the deeper skin. Molecular Oxygen increases the cell regeneration turnover and optimization of collagen levels.
Oxygen facials in Bangalore involve high pressured oxygen stream to push a customized serum which is a potent combination of low molecular structures of hyaluronic acids, vitamins, antioxidants, and brightening ingredients, into the deep layers of the skin in order to achieve instantly plumper, lifted and hydrated skin.
As we age, the supply of oxygen and nutrients is depleted to the skin cells slowing down the cell division which in turn makes skin thinner, dull, wrinkled, and uneven.
This is where Oxygen facials in Bangalore help to restore radiance, suppleness, and youthful skin with oxygen infusion. Oxygen is extremely beneficial for acne as it kills bacteria under the skin and the pores, as well as reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and evens out skin tone.

Pumpkin facials in Bangalore - Pumpkin contains alpha-hydroxy acids(A skin-brightening ingredient), a high concentration of Vitamin A, beta-carotene, potassium, and zinc than found in any other fruit or vegetable and vitamin C that boosts collagen. The natural fruit enzymes in the pumpkin help naturally exfoliate the skin.
Pumpkin facials in Bangalore are great for skin smoothing and pores clearing, as the naturally occurring salicylic acid in pumpkins removes the dead surface cells that cause rough texture. Pumpkin facials in Bangalore are perfect for skin brightening, hydration, mild pigmentation, and decongestion as rich vitamin pumpkin supplies nutrition and activate the skin.
Pumpkin facials in Bangalore are combined with Pumpkin peel, Pumpkin activator, and collagen dry mask for deep moisturization.

LED facials in Bangalore - LED light is different from UV light and is actually beneficial to the skin as energy from LED light stimulates cells into producing more energy which works to trigger collagen production.
Light therapy uses multiple color wavelengths of light energy which have specific skin benefits that can reach different depths of the underlying skin tissue. This therapy can treat a range of concerns from boosting collagen and elastin to calming skin disorders from acne to eczema.
This treatment is safe and doesn’t give harmful radiation and heat to the skin. LED therapy can be used in conjunction with other facials also, it’s a worthy addition to any facial.
Livglam clinic, the leading best medifacials clinic in Jayanagar Bangalore offers advanced refreshing medicated facials for skin brightening suitable for all skin types.

Cost of medifacials treatment in Bangalore

Medifacial treatment cost in Bangalore varies between the types of facials and is subject to change as per the requirements. The Medi Facial Treatment Cost in Bangalore ranges from 3500k and 10000k, factors influencing price include the type of skin concerns, ingredients used, number of sessions, etc.
Livglam clinic offers you the best Medifacials in Bangalore which are designed to extend the treatment benefits. All our medifacials and other antiaging treatments begin with a thorough skin analysis and consultation with our dermatologist/cosmetologist.
We specialize in a full range of advanced antiaging facials in Bangalore, which are safe, non-invasive, and other cosmetic skin rejuvenation treatments, Livglam antiaging clinic is the best choice to restore your skin vitality.

Benefits of best Medifacial in Bangalore

Medicated Facials benefit everyone and can be performed on all skin types.

  • Repairs Dull and Dehydrated skin
  • Reduces breakouts and blemishes
  • Improves surface texture and fine lines
  • Even skin tone


1. Why are Medi Facials in Bangalore better than salon facials?

Medifacials in Bangalore are result-led treatments that use proven ingredients and technologies to target skin conditions. These facials are packed with antioxidants, prebiotics, vitamins, peptides and hyaluronic acid, and other activities
Whereas regular salon facials are based on the chemical bleaching principle, harsh chemicals cause more harm than good. So next time you are feeling very unsatisfied with a salon facial, consider the Best Medifacial Treatment in Bangalore at Livglam clinic with an experienced aesthetician who will choose the right medifacial to suit individual skin after consultation.

2. Who should opt for Medi facials?

Medifacials in Bangalore greatly help patients with oily and acne-prone skin and those who want a clearer, more refined complexion.

3. How often should I undergo a medi facial?

We would strongly recommend Medifacials once in 3-4 weeks to maintain youthful and fresh-looking healthy and hydrated skin. It is necessary to repeat at the gap of a minimum of 3-4 weeks as further collagen takes 3 to 4 weeks to build up and improve the signs of aging.

4. Which is the Best Medifacial Treatment in Bangalore for glowing skin?

The results from Medicated Facials are almost instant, you can see improvements from day one. However, we strongly believe 6-10 sessions are needed to get long-term benefits because cells regenerate within 28-48 days after your medifacial. Following this, we then recommend you repeat the treatment once or twice every year.

5. How many sessions are needed to see the results?

Hydrafacial and oxygen therapy facials contain very high-quality antioxidants and vitamin infusions and are considered to be the best for glowing skin. Livglam, Medifacials clinic in Jayanagar exclusively personalizes your medifacials to give your skin exactly what it needs to glow.

6. Are there any possible risks and side effects?

There are a few common side-effects that are temporary like redness, and mild swelling which usually resolves within the first few hours. At Livglam clinic, Medi Facials in Bangalore are safely performed by trained doctors to ensure no risks and complications.

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