Breast reduction surgery in bangalore

Breast surgery: 8 most significant medical reasons to consider breast reduction surgery.

Breast reduction is a procedure to decrease size of disproportionately larger breasts ,to achieve a breast size that is more comfortable to you.

Having a breast reduction operation can be for cosmetic or health reasons. Depending on your current condition or needs, our experts will understand your reasons for breast removal surgery. There are several techniques available for medical or cosmetic breast reduction, your plastic surgeon uses the most suitable one for patient.

Breast removal surgery is one of the highest satisfaction rates, that it ranks among the highest in patient satisfaction of all plastic surgery procedures.

When do u really need breast reduction surgery?.

Take a look below at some very important reasons why having big boobs is not always glamorous or sexy.

Know the Importance of Breast Reduction- 8 most significant reasons

1. Breast reduction is not just cosmetic / aesthetic issue, but it is a major health concern.

Many Women inquire about breast reduction for both physiological disorders and psychological reasons not just for aesthetically outcomes. The most common indication for breast reduction is the relief of physical pain and discomfort associated with heavy, pendulous breasts. Excessively large breasts can affect even daily functioning activities.

2. Improves your lifestyle-positive impact on lives.

Oversized breasts can cause discomfort to perform certain activities in daily life, this can include difficulty with high impact exercise like running, jumping or participate in physical activities and inability to find properly fitting clothes. Breast reduction significantly improve quality of life in women, in terms, they have renewed sense of freedom to wear clothes they want to wear, giving the freedom do what they want. You will be freed from limitations and increase options in your wardrobe.

3. Chronic back, shoulder and neck pain caused by weight of your breasts.

The constant weight of massive breasts on your upper body pulling downward on the chest can lead to neck pain, shoulder pain, grooving of the shoulders, headaches and back pain. To manage this pain, you can opt best breast reduction surgery treatment in Bangalore at Livglam. Breast reduction surgery makes breasts smaller and lighter while stress on your back, shoulders is reduced and pain is eliminated.

4. Skin irritation, constant rashes and skin infections under the breasts.

he most common skin rashes that become a constant challenge for women with large breasts such as heat rashes, intertrigo, and dermatitis are caused when skin surfaces rub together. If this is the case, breast reduction or uplifting surgery may be viable treatment for women to find relief as this surgery alleviate rashes, chafing and infections due to large breasts.

5. Breast massively out of proportion to your body-posture was deteriorating.

Some women have excessive growth of breast tissue during development, where the breasts grow large and out of proportion to the rest of the body reasons being several factors including genetics, hormonal influences and environmental factors.

Larger breasts have a tendency to pull the shoulders down and hunch the back, extra weight can cause individual to slouch, leading to poor posture and sometimes effects spinal alignment. Breasts weight strains the ligaments and muscles in the back as it creates weight imbalance, resulting in discomfort.

6. Psychological distress, such as low self-esteem and poor self image related to large brea .

Large breasts have significant negative relationship with psychological and emotional wellbeing of women mentally, socially and behavioural aspects. Breast surgery can give a sense of normality improving body image, boosting confidence and increased self-worth. Liberate yourself from physical, mental and emotional issues caused by oversized breasts with breast reduction surgery in Jayanagar ,Livglam.

7. Sleeping position with large breasts is also tough and can’t sleep comfortably.

Large breasts will make it too hard for you to sleep especially if you want to sleep on your stomach or your side and to sleep on the side. It can get uncomfortable sleeping as it puts too much pressure on your breast tissue. With breast reduction surgery, your upper body will feel generally lighter and more comfortable, as a result, your quality of sleep may improve.

8. Larger breasts have been linked to causing migraines, shortness of breath, and numbness in certain women.

Doctors say many women with large breasts also experience shortness of breath, as well as headaches, all caused from the excess weight and pressure on their chest cavity. Large breasts may weigh down so heavily on the chest that they cause shortness of breath, also extra stress on back and head can lead to migraines and tension headaches. Many women report 50% reduction in severity of headaches following breast reduction surgery.

These compelling reasons to get breast reduction surgery are positive indicators of how breast reduction could change your life forever.

If you’re experiencing any of the medical issues listed above, or you think is linked to your large breast size, you should schedule a consultation. with our cosmetologists at Livglam aesthetic clinic Bangalore. The actual cost of breast reduction treatment will be given to you after consultation.

There are many factors that influence breast removal surgery cost in bangalore ,it’s better to understand some factors to know what you can expect before committing to breast reduction operation.


Make sure your cosmetic surgeon is board certified; this ensures that he or she is specifically trained and experienced in cosmetic surgery. Don’t choose a cosmetic surgeon based on price alone as facility and anesthesia are critical to your safety & results are important. At Livglam,we also offer financing options to help patients budget procedure costs. For more details, go through Livglam website for all the cosmetic surgeries, lasers treatments, Skin and Hair treatments in Bangalore.

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