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Trying breast Implants: 7 key facts to know before getting the Breasts of your choice.

Breast augmentation has been one of the most commonly searched surgical procedures worldwide over the past decades. So here, we aim to inform our patients, anybody deciding to go for breast implants for a natural look, of the important things to be aware of beforehand. Chest Augmentation is often considered even for men enhancing their chest muscles to achieve a more defined shape to the male chest and toned pectoral area in a shorter time.
Here at Livglam, we believe patients should have all up-to-date information to make choices before considering them. It's important to know the best breast augmentation or chest augmentation journey, right from choosing a surgeon from a reputed clinic to the possible outcomes of the procedure. So, you don't go because they will be cheap. Get the best implants for a natural look that looks real.

There are many questions surrounding breast implants decision that we have tried to answer that gives you a range of information on this procedure.

Choosing Breast Implants - 7 Key Breast Implant Facts

How do I choose a right surgeon?

To begin with any cosmetic surgery, the most important thing is selecting a board-certified, qualified, and highly trained cosmetic surgeon who can understand your desires and suggest the best procedure to help you customize your new look as today, breast augmentation involves many more choices than ever. Many doctors advertise themselves as plastic surgeons, but they are not board-certified surgeons, in which case breast implants can go wrong and may require revision surgery. Hence, choose the right surgeon who is well-qualified and experienced in using a variety of breast implants and competent enough to handle complications. Also, ensure your procedure takes place in a reputed clinic with high-standard medical facilities and best-in-class specialists.

How big will my breasts be?

The question of breast size is one of the biggest sticking points, as recent studies say many patients reported that they ended up with bigger sizes than their expected size. Choosing a breast implant size is a matter of aesthetics, which should be proportionate to your frame and body shape. To achieve exceptional results, choosing the best implants for a natural look is necessary.
Size is the hardest thing to get exactly right, so the only way to get a good idea is to speak with your surgeon, who can give you personalized advice depending on your height, shoulder width, natural breast size, skin elasticity, body posture and your desired expectations being taken all these factors into account. Various complications can occur when going beyond a normal implant size leading to back and neck pain, resulting in an unnatural look and causing droopiness, etc. So, it's always better to be more cautious and go for small instead of too-big breasts.

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How do I choose implants?

It is important to understand the dimensions of implants in determining which implant is best for you, as your implant width should fit your breast width. There are four key elements regarding implants that you must decide on type, size, shape, and profile before getting surgery done. The dimensional characteristics of implants, such as diameter, projection, and volume, are crucial in creating nicely proportioned, naturally-appearing breasts.

Generally, selecting chest implant dimensions slightly less than your breast's actual dimensions will result in natural-looking breasts. If the implant dimensions exceed the dimensions and borders of your natural breast, the breasts will be distorted by the implants and tend to have a more unnatural look.

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What are breast implant placement options?

Just as no two women are the same, every breast augmentation is unique and tailored to your breast choice. Breast implants can be placed completely or partially over or under the chest or pectoral muscles.
The decision on implant position should be made together with your plastic surgeon, which placement they recommend specifically for you depending on factors like the size and shape of your breast implants, your body size, and your expectations. You need to know the pros and cons of each possible placement of your implants from your cosmetic surgeon and determine which approach best suits your needs.
With more than 20 years of extensive experience and modern techniques, our expert doctors can select implant positions guaranteeing the best implants for natural-looking augmented breasts.

What are breast implant placement options?

Breast implants have become safer due to technological advancements, and there is insufficient evidence or no scientific reasoning to say implants are dangerous or can cause potential harm. All breast implants are medically tested for safety and have been tried with appropriate specifications.
Breast reduction and implants are considered and proven to be safe if the surgery is carried out by a qualified and experienced certified plastic surgeon. But, if you are going with an inexperienced surgeon, you are risking yourself. However, you need to follow up with your doctor to regularly monitor breast implants to prevent complications and ensure they are functioning properly. Breast implant technology has improved, and leak rates are lower than ever, giving some added assurance to women that implants are safe.
Here at Livglam, we consider the safety of our patients as our number one priority and lower complications by implementing new techniques and strategies.

Will I have scars?

There are many variations of scars post-breast surgery, but most scars caused by breast implants will fade over time to almost become nearly invisible. You can talk to your surgeon about scar-minimizing techniques to reduce the appearance of fine lines in postoperative recovery. It's a common concern to many clients about how scars will look, but nothing to worry about as breast implant techniques have evolved in decades where scarring is minimal and barely visible in most cases.

Surgeon skill will play a major role in the final appearance of scars after breast implant surgery; hence it's important to approach only highly recommended, qualified, and experienced plastic surgeons when considering cosmetic surgeries. Our surgeon can recommend several guidelines at Livglam clinic that you can follow after your chest augmentation or breast augmentation procedure to reduce the appearance of scars.

How will it impact your life?

Breast implants are always connected to one's emotional reasons and can emotionally impact your life. It's a major and positive step for most women, and studies have reported that breast implants can help boost self-esteem, body image, and sexual satisfaction. It also expands your clothing options and improves comfortability in specific clothing types.
Many women feel happy and satisfied with the results, have improved confidence, and have a better quality of life after surgery. Breast reduction and implant procedures have several emotional and psychological benefits as they could be a positive inspiration and step toward self-improvement and motivate healthy lifestyle changes. Recently, many men who are unsatisfied with their chest appearance are undergoing chest augmentation to enhance the size of their pectoral muscles as part of their upper body contouring to obtain a youthful appearance.


At Livglam Aesthetic clinic, our patient's safety and satisfaction are our number one priority. If you are considering breast reduction surgery, breast lift, chest augmentation, and breast implant, our expert surgeons pride themselves on the ability to provide the best results possible. Our experts will work with our clients to educate them on their breast choices and help them achieve their ideal breast size, volume, and shape.

Livglam provides 0% Finance Options for breast implants to fund you to customize your procedure to achieve their expectations. Schedule an appointment at Livglam today to learn more about breast implant procedures and other cosmetic surgeries. Get the best experience in cosmetic surgeries such as breast reduction and implants at Livglam Aesthetic clinic, one of the leading Skin, hair, and cosmetic surgery clinic in Bangalore.

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