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Breast reduction surgery in Bangalore

Breast reduction surgery in Jayanagar, Bangalore is possibly one of the most demanding aesthetic procedures. Breast reduction is also referred to as reduction mammoplasty.
Breast reduction or breast lift surgery Bangalore is the surgical correction to reduce the size, volume, shape, and weight of breasts.
Some women have overly large breasts that cause both physical and psychological symptoms. They often complain of backache, neck and shoulder complaints, breast pain, bad posture, inability to participate actively in sports, and even breathing difficulties. They also have difficulty in finding the correct fit for their clothes and brasserie.
Large breasts can also attract unwanted attention and sexual comments with some women experiencing some psychological stress.
Talk to our experts in Livglam, the best breast reduction surgery clinic in Jayanagar to have a full and proper understanding of your wishes, and how little or large you would like to be following your breast reduction surgery in Jayanagar. This will minimize the possibility of having too little or too much removed. Make sure to discuss the risks and benefits of breast reduction or breast lift surgery in Jayanagar with your surgeon.

Breast reduction surgery in Bangalore procedure overview:

  • Surgery almost always requires the reduction of glandular tissue and excess breast fat.
  • The size of the areolar is reduced and breast tissue is removed to give a smaller yet still natural breast shape.
  • The nipple is then repositioned to a higher level and the remaining breast tissue is sculpted to desired size and shape.
  • The technique involves smaller, less extensive incisions to minimize scarring.

Breast reduction surgery in Jayanagar techniques that minimize scarring:

The biggest influence on any potential scars after breast reduction is the experience and skill of the plastic surgeon.
At Livglam, our doctors work hard to make sure that after each procedure patients do not leave with massive, unpleasant scars. Our surgeons use surgery techniques so that the scars around and below the nipples, shouldn’t be noticeable even in low-cut clothing or a bathing suit.
An accomplished and experienced surgeon will ensure incisions are as small as possible and every effort is made to minimize scars and ensure that these are as inconspicuous as possible when you undergo breast lift surgery in Bangalore.
Livglam aesthetic clinic in Jayanagar, a premium choice for best breast reduction surgery in Bangalore has been trusted for high-quality consultation, top-class treatments, best cosmetic surgeries, liposuction, body contouring, and anti-aging skin treatments for men and women.

How much does breast reduction surgery cost in Bangalore?

The total costs of breast reduction surgery in Bangalore includes all of your hospital costs for a breast reduction procedure, the cosmetic surgeon and consultant anesthetist fees as well as any outpatient care plus one follow-up consultation.
Breast reduction surgery in Jayanagar, Bangalore can cost from 1,30,000 to 2,00,000 lakhs, you will receive a detailed quotation following your surgeon assessment. The costs may vary slightly depending on your unique requirements.
Our prices are the lowest in Bangalore for any cosmetic surgeries with high-quality standards, best in class specialists maintain health care standards.

Benefits of breast reduction in Bangalore:

  • Reduction in chronic pain
  • Active and quality lifestyle.
  • Enhance self-image and Self Esteem.
  • Well, proportionate body with more aesthetic appearance.

Can we have breast reduction and breast lift surgery in Bangalore at the same time?

A woman’s breasts often change over time, losing their youthful shape and firmness. Our plastic surgeons will often use a combined procedure to help women achieve the results they want to improve their shape, restore lift and regain more natural proportions.
A breast reduction surgery in Bangalore almost always involves a breast lift, as the nipple needs repositioning and lifting higher. The lift portion of the surgery may also be performed to help alleviate back and neck pain, as a breast lift helps redistribute weight on the chest.
Combining breast lift surgery in Jayanagar with reduction can create a sleeker and athletic appearance. Breast reduction surgery almost always includes a lift, not only for aesthetic reasons but for comfort as well.

Breast reduction in Bangalore with liposuction

Liposuction may be used as an adjunct by removing an extra pouch of fat under the arms on the side of the breast and contouring the outer aspects of the breasts, though not to reduce the size of the breasts themselves.
Liposuction helps only remove fat from breasts, not fibrous tissue, so liposuction alone cannot fix excessive saggy breast issues.
Breast reduction with liposuction technique is suitable for people who have a larger degree of fatty tissue, especially for older women or patients who want just one cup size reduction.
At livglam, we provide the best liposuction treatment in Bangalore, in combination with other cosmetic surgeries to meet your specific needs and cosmetic goals with the advice of our expert surgeons.

Breast reduction surgery in Jayanagar post-care instructions:

  • Wear a soft supportive compression bra as advised by your surgeon.
  • Don’t take shower aiming at your breast for 48 hours after your surgery.
  • Rest as much as possible and don’t do any heavy exercise.
  • Take all the medications as instructed postoperatively.
  • Do not smoke and drink for 2 weeks after your procedure.

Before and after breast reduction surgery in Bangalore

Gravity forces the breast to descend to a more natural position and take on a more natural teardrop shape as the swelling reduces. The nipple will elevate to a more suitable position as well. The form is typically constant after six months.

Before & After


1. Does breast reduction surgery leave scars?

Scar is not a complication, it’s a normal event after any procedure. However, our expert surgeons will use surgical techniques to ensure barely visible scars over time.

2. Why choose Livglam for breast reduction surgery in Bangalore?

It is very crucial how well the breast lift surgery in Jayanagar is performed to alter the size and shape of the breast. As there are complications involved in surgery, it is necessary that surgery is performed to a high standard with a skilled surgeon. Not choosing the right surgeon and clinic can be a harm to your health, wellbeing, and appearance. Livglam, the best breast reduction surgery clinic in Jayanagar, Bangalore is the right center for cosmetic surgeries in Bangalore with exceptionally high standard quality treatments and care. If you have concerns or doubts about Livglam treatments, try to look at reviews from other previous patients.

3. Do breasts grow back after a breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction or breast lift surgery Bangalore is permanent. The skin, fat, and tissues that are removed during surgery cannot grow back. Gaining weight can cause new fat to be deposited on the breast and that would temporarily increase your breast size but won’t dramatically affect your cup size.

4. Can I breastfeed after breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction in Bangalore may limit your ability to breastfeed, particularly if a large amount of breast tissue is removed or if the milk ducts are affected by the surgery. Women who want to breastfeed should discuss with their surgeon during a consultation if the nipple will be removed completely or just moved. A highly experienced surgeon at Livglam, a top cosmetic clinic in Bangalore uses the safest reduction techniques and approaches so the patient can maintain as high a degree of breastfeeding success in the future as possible.

5. Is breast reduction surgery risky?

Breast reduction surgery in Bangalore is very safe and it doesn’t carry any risks. However, there are very rare complications like infection, swelling, pain, soreness, etc. It’s always important to understand that a properly trained surgeon should perform surgery to reduce risks and complications.

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