Cost of Skin Brightening Procedures

Skin Lightening Treatment: Cost and Process

There is much debate and many moral discussions about people preferring a fair skin tone. However, at Livglam Clinic, we believe that you have the right to determine what your skin color should be. And we offer lightening treatment for skin for those who want an even tone and radiant skin.

Now, we offer various skin-lightening procedures, including serums, creams, lasers, oral medicines, and chemicals. These treatments reduce melanin deposits on the skin to impart a lighter skin tone. Also, our laser skin whitening treatment` is advised for people with sun-damaged skin to curtail melanin production and promote collagen production. Our dermatologists will conduct a skin analysis to determine the best treatment for skin brightening as per your skin type.

Let us now understand more about skin-lightening treatments, the process involved, and the related costs.

Skin Lightening Treatments: What are they?

Skin-lightening treatments, or skin bleaching, target the darker areas of the skin to minimize melanin concentration therein. As part of these high-end cosmetic procedures, the outer dark layers of the skin are removed or the cells with a high concentration of melanin are damaged.

If you want to invest in skin health, opt for treatment for skin brightening at Livglam Clinic to improve your skin tone and texture.

Skin Lightening Treatments: What is the process?

Livglam Clinic offers the best full body whitening treatment while adhering to all the safety and compliance protocols. You can know more about our skin-lightening procedure herein:

1) Pre-Treatment

During the pre-treatment phase, a client consults our medical expert, who will assess their skin condition, check their medical history, and review their lifestyle. Then, the dermatologist will prepare a customized plan to address your skin concern. They may recommend solo or combo treatments depending on your skin type. Also, they will decide the number of sessions needed for the skin treatment. Moreover, they will provide pre-treatment suggestions that you must adhere to.

Well, if you have sun-damaged skin, they may advise the laser skin whitening treatment to boost your skin health too.

2) During Treatment

Our skin experts will conduct the treatment for skin brightening as per the given schedule. At Livglam Clinic, all procedures are carried out in a sterile environment to assure your comfort and safety.

3) Post-Treatment

After the lightening treatment for skin, our skin specialists will provide guidelines about the dos and don’ts, which the client must follow diligently. You will notice visible improvement after each session. Furthermore, the dermatologist will give tips on how to sustain the results. We also prescribe skin routine creams, whereby our clients can maintain the body lightening effects for a long time.

Skin Whitening Treatments: What are their benefits?

The benefits of skin-brightening procedures are manifold. It eliminates scars, birthmarks, and dark patches while lightening the skin tone. It can help to get rid of these skin blemishes arising due to aging, sun damage, and hormonal imbalance. Besides that, our laser skin lightening treatment treats sun-damaged skin to restore your skin’s natural glow.

Skin Whitening Treatments: Who should opt for it?

Our lightening treatment for skin is recommended for those who want to lighten the dark spots on their skin. Also, people with acne problems and sun-afflicted skin can opt for skin whitening treatments to lighten their skin tone and reduce the appearance of the skin blotches.

Besides, a range of environmental factors can result in wrinkles and dark spots, including oxidative stress and pollution. Our laser skin lightening treatment can help to address these skin concerns, as well.

Skin Whitening Treatments: How much does it cost?

The skin lightening treatment cost depends on a variety of factors. Our skin professionals will determine the cost based on the target area size, severity of the skin problem, chosen procedure, the technology deployed, the clinic location, number of required sessions. Nonetheless, Livglam Clinic offers great deals for its regular customers.


There are many reasons to partner with Livglam Clinic for your skin brightening needs. For starters, our natural and non-invasive skin brightening procedures, including the full body whitening treatment, are safe and effective. Be assured that our procedures are free from side effects, making it safe for pregnant women and nursing mothers too.

Additionally, our skin experts have several years of expertise and they use sophisticated technologies to treat your skin-related disorders. Also, we guide our patients on dietary changes and skin-care measures. Besides, we offer personalized treatment plans to our patients after a thorough skin analysis while identifying their specific requirements. Furthermore, the skin lightening treatment cost at our clinics is highly affordable. Schedule your appointment for skin-lightening treatment with Livglam Clinic as the first step to restoring your skin radiance!

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