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Liposuction : 6 Common fears associated with liposuction procedure, Here are the facts to overcome fears of liposuction surgery.

This blog is designed to give useful information and to give honestly what is truly realistic about liposuction surgery. It’s really important to discuss your fears and concerns with our expert surgeons before considering treatment which will make you feel comfortable. Our aim is to always put safety, expertise and patient satisfaction at the core.

    Unveiling Liposuction: facts to overcome fears of liposuction surgery

  • 1. Anesthesia complications
    Many client’s express fears of adverse reactions about anesthesia like fluid buildup in lungs, stroke, numbness which leads to preoperative anxiety, so it’s important to create anesthesia awareness to clients and discuss the type of anesthesia used, talk to your anesthetist about pain concerns before surgery.
    Depending on your personal medical history, the amount of fat being removed, and other surgical goals, your doctor will recommend anesthesia method that is right for you.
    As long as you choose a cosmetic surgery facility with certified medical well-trained plastic surgeon, the frequency of complications from anesthesia is significantly quite low. There are careful calculations based on the weight that tell your anesthetist precisely how much anesthesia to administer.
    At Livglam, our anesthetist team continuously monitors patients breathing, temperature, fluids, blood pressure, the amount(overdose or underdose)of anesthesia in the patient’s system, complete anesthesia management throughout the procedure. So, we offer best Liposuction surgery in Bangalore with all necessary anesthesiological considerations.
  • 2. Burns from equipment, such as lasers and ultrasound probes
    Burns are very uncommon, but in very rare case there can be friction type of burns due to cannula rubbing the skin which are very minor burns. If the surgeon leaves the probe in a single spot for too long during the procedure or defective equipment can result in burning.
    It is the experience of your physician that will help to prevent liposuction burns. At Livglam, our doctors perform accurate and effective Liposuction surgery in Jayanagar, as well as use a technique to minimize any complications and friction burns can be highly prevented. Your health and safety are most important consideration.
  • 3. Excessive Bleeding and infections risks
    Blood loss during liposuction procedure has been a concern for many patients.The ability to proper estimate intraoperative blood loss in liposuction surgery is challenging and is essential to be careful and safe planning of the surgical procedure.
    Blood loss can be minimised by injecting a large amount of medicated solution containing anaesthetic and medicine to the targeted area. At Livglam, advanced surgical techniques, injectable solutions, and latest equipment would produce the least traumatic surgery and the lowest blood loss. The surgeon and anaesthetist aim to minimise the blood lost and to reduce the risks of infections which are extremely rare but possible. Post operative infections may be indicated by extreme redness, warmth, irritation, high fever and pain at the site of the incision which will be taken care by our surgeons in post-liposuction care. At livglam, risks of liposuction surgery is very minimal, very safe and comfortable.
  • 4. Skin surface irregularities and contour Asymmetry
    After liposuction some women experience skin irregularities like dimpling and waviness of skin especially patients with poor skin elasticity. This can occur when fat is removed from too close to the skin or when the cannula damages tissues, can leave dimpling, in which the skin appears unevenly surfaced, may look wavy, lumpy or pocketed, similar to the effects of natural cellulite or discolorations in skin tone.
    skin dimpling may occur when an inexperienced or unskilled surgeon performs the procedure. One must refer to the best cosmetic surgeon in Bangalore for the best surgery without any flaws.
  • 5. Internal organ punctures like kidney or heart problems
    As fluids are being injected and or suctioned, the change in the body’s fluid levels may cause kidney or heart problems. Also, sometimes this led deeply penetrate cannula puncturing an internal organ such as intestine, damage to nerves, blood vessels, muscles, lungs and abdominal organs but this is extremely rare. This is very less common risk of happening wounds or injuries to other organs, blood clot in veins during your treatment.
    Make sure you meet with a board-certified plastic surgeon at Livglam as an experienced surgeon is very unlikely to allow this happen. As medical advances, the dangers and complications involved with liposuction surgery are lessened.
  • 6. Scar related problems and swelling
    Liposuction scars can appear as small dots or freckles, but they are usually minimal. Swelling is normal reaction and temporary in liposuction surgery and goes down by end of first week. Scarring occurs as a result of poor incision placement during liposuction procedure The degree of scarring depends on surgeon’s technique. An experienced plastic surgeon knows what to do and how to avoid during liposuction to minimize scarring afterward and are able to make these tiny scars as inconspicuous as possible.
    Getting the procedure done by an experienced plastic surgeon at Livglam can help to reduce the chances of developing a liposuction scar. A skilled surgeon may be able to limit the potential for scarring post-operation.


Although cost is a big consideration, it should not be the deciding factor. Choose an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon to provide the right results. At Livglam, we offer best liposuction surgery in Jayanagar, our Consultant Plastic surgeons and liposuction doctors will always advise you on the best liposuction option for your ideal body shape and needs.

The cost of Liposuction surgery is very affordable and economical and basically depends on amount of fat to be removed, how many areas of body to be treated etc.

We offer finance solutions for liposuction patients with manageable payments to suit a variety of budgets. we are expertise both in cosmetic surgeries like tummy tucks, Breast surgeries, Facial surgeries and non-surgical procedures like Antiageing treatments, Skin Rejuvenation, cosmetic Injectables and all other skin conditions.

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