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Skin tag removal in 15 minutes with advanced lasers

We get lot of people asking for removal of skin tags though they are not harmful and no side effects other than their appearance. For many, skin tag bothers their appearance and so removal of them is more for aesthetic cosmetic reasons than for any health reasons. They appear visible places on the face or body and can make you self-conscious. It can affect your self-esteem if you perceive them to be aesthetically displeasing and can have a negative effect on your confidence.

Livglam clinic is pleased to help people feel skin confident and skin tag free as we know how important is to feel comfortable in your skin. It’s a much quicker and cheaper to get rid of skin tags at Livglam clinic within less time and clinically proven effective methods.

We hope this blog will be informative and it will help you choose the best skin tag removal treatment for you as there are many options, so no more using filters to hide your skin tags or hiding your face.

What is a skin tag?

Skin tags are small, soft skin-coloured harmless growths that can hang from your skin. They are relatively common and can appear anywhere on the body and mostly found on a person’s neck, torso, underarms and eyelids. Most skin tags are usually 2-5mm in size, but sometimes grow larger up to half an inch.

Why am I suddenly getting skin tags?

Anyone can develop skin tags male or female at one time or another. Skin tags occur when extra cells grow in the top layers of skin. The body produces skin tags out of skin tissue composed of blood vessels and collagen protein with no nerve endings. Formation of new skin tags tend to be most common in people who undergo hormonal changes and have metabolic disorders.

Causes of skin tags

  • Skin tags are often seen in overweight and obese individuals as they have lot of excess skin that rubs against other skin parts provoking the occurrence of skin tags.

  • Pregnant women due to changes in hormones and imbalances can develop skin tags.

  • Genetics and family history also play a role in skin tags appearance and development.

  • People suffering from diabetics, hypertension or high blood pressure.

  • Friction also can develop skin tags when skin rubs against other parts of skin or clothing for a repetitive time, friction from innerwear clothing or from sexual intercourse can cause genital warts.

  • Skin tags can occur in people with skin disorders developing human papillomavirus(HPV).

Sometimes, skin tags seem to appear from nowhere, but good news is that skin tag removal is simple and thanks to the advances in technology that have made more accessible treatments to the patients.

Can I remove skin tags at home safely?

Sometimes people unintentionally shave off or cut skin tags without knowing them, when they do razors or wax when shaving their legs, arms or armpits. So, skin tags bleed when they snagged or pulled by jewellery or clothing and this could be a painful experience.

There are many medical creams, pills , skin tag remover and wart remover for skin tags available in the market for home application to remove tags, but they are not medically approved or proven to remove skin tags.Many people get tempted by seeing adds to purchase so called best skin tag remover pads, best skin tag remover kits etc many self-care devices at cheap and convenient rate, but they may not be as effective and safe to use on skin and can be harmful.This is why we highly recommend you to consult professional skin doctor and not to experiment and spend your money on inefficient products that can only cause skin discolorations and complications of such kind.

We don’t recommend to remove skin tags at home as it can lead to bleeding, scarring and infection. There are no entirely safe steps or methods to try at home and can go seriously wrong quickly and unexpectedly, hence Dr Harish suggests leaving skin tag removal to professional dermatologists. Some home remedies to get rid of skin tags may lead to skin irritation and even skin ulcers from application of home remedies like garlic, tooth paste or apple cider vinegar which may even cause chemical burns on skin.

Skin tag removal

When should I approach doctors to remove skin tags?

We advise people to contact dermatologist for skin tag removal in a medical setting especially when it comes to eyelid skin tags and tags on sensitive spots.

Our technology over the years has developed in recent times making treatments very painless, fast and efficient ways of skin tag removal methods that are done in a single visit to clinic in a matter of minutes.

Any new skin tags forming can be a concern, especially if it is changing colour it’s important to consult your doctor, since it’s difficult to self-diagnose skin tags if anything is changing colour on your skin and the appearance of skin tag changes suddenly or if it becomes painful, let have your doctor take a look at it to evaluate and get you the appropriate treatment.

Dermatologist have in-depth expertise required to remove skin tags without scarring and without developing any serious infection. So, always approach a qualified and skilled dermatologist or aestheticians to get rid of skin tags safely.

What is the best skin tag removal procedure?

Dr.Harish recommends visiting board-certified dermatologist anytime if skin tags are bothering you. Your dermatologist very quickly and efficiently removes skin tags using one or more following methods. The method your doctor uses to remove skin tags will depend on their size.

Here’s a look at few surgical and non-surgical options to get rid of skin tags.

  • Cauterization
    The skin tag is burnt off using electrosurgery with a tiny probe and is done by electrolysis which creates electric current to pass through and be able to burn off the layers of the skin that are hanging.

  • Cryotherapy
    The skin tag is frozen by applying liquid nitrogen to the area where cold temperature kills the cells within the skin tag, blocking the blood supply to the area and causing it to naturally fall off.

  • Excision Surgery
    The skin tag is carefully cut away using scalpel or surgical scissors and will be completely removed under local anaesthesia.

  • Radiofrequency
    The skin tags are cut using radiofrequency ablator that uses radio waves to pass through the skin and removes any extra skin growths from your body.

  • Laser skin tag removal
    The laser ablates the skin tag without causing much collateral damage and treated area will appear red after treatment. This is the latest technology where CO2 laser is used, non- invasive procedure and it is carried under local anaesthetic injection to reduce discomfort.

    Laser therapy, being best skin tag remover uses the best technique to destroy the most difficult skin tags which is not possible with other procedures.

The benefit of having your dermatologist remove them is that a numbing cream can be applied and can minimize scarring and infections with their expertise. Also, dermatologist can accurately diagnose growths that are not skin tags and any potentially concerning lesion can be biopsied quickly and treated in a timely manner without delay. Another advantage of getting skin tags removed from doctor is that it’s less painful and ensures you get best outcomes from the treatment.


Lastly, it’s important to understand that removing one skin tag will not prevent new skin tags from popping up nor it spreads or multiply the existing skin tags. However, there is no definite way to prevent new skin tags, but we can reduce the risk of developing them.

At Livglam clinic, our doctors help countless patients restore their skin radiance every day. They can provide targeted treatment for your specific skin complaint. Our specialist doctors are highly experienced in laser skin rejuvenation treatments that will remove skin tags and leave the skin flawless upon completion.

Book an appointment today at Livglam clinic if you are bothered by a skin tag and let our experienced surgeon help you to get rid of skin tags safely in clinic and will explain how to care treated area until it heals completely.

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