Male Breast reduction

Male Breast reduction/Gynecomastia surgery

Gynecomastia is a condition in which men's breasts become overdeveloped due to enlargement of the glandular component of the male breast. The disorder can be caused by hormonal changes, inheritance, obesity, or drug usage. Gynecomastia can cause emotional distress and undermine your self-esteem. Some men may even avoid specific physical activities and intimate relationships in order to conceal their condition.
A male breast reduction can help to rectify this via liposuction or by removing the excess tissue in combination with liposuction. It’s becoming one of the more popular cosmetic surgeries for men.
Our experts have extensive expertise performing safe and successful gynecomastia surgery, allowing you to create a more toned shape and increase your confidence.

Procedure Overview

  • Intravenous sedation and general anesthesia are two choices
  • Liposuction procedures may be employed alone when gynecomastia is predominantly caused by excess fatty tissue
  • Incisions are needed around areola, may be horizontal, vertical or both
  • A cannula, a tiny hollow tube inserted through incisions in order to remove excess fat from chest area
  • Excision procedures are indicated where glandular breast tissue and extra skin in gynecomastia surgery


  • Enhances self-esteem when dealing with friends and other members of society
  • Removes the social stigma associated with larger male breasts
  • Allows you to remove your mind from troubling ideas like what to dress and how to cover your chest
  • Create a More Masculine Appearance
  • Increase your physical activity levels
  • Enhance Your Posture

Post care

  • Antibiotics are administered for seven days, and stitches are removed 10-14 days after surgery
  • You should avoid driving for the first 24 hours
  • You can resume normal life after one to two days
  • You can begin exercising after one to two weeks if you feel comfortable
  • For at least the first three days following gynecomastia surgery, it is critical to rest and sleep at a 45-degree angle on your back
  • If you must bathe, use a sponge bath to avoid getting water on your bandages

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