Pubic lift Monsplasty

Pubic lift Monsplasty

Pubic lift is also known as Monspalsty. It is type of cosmetic surgery where extra skin and fatty tissues are removed from the fatty pad located over the pubic bone. It is mainly for women who wants a cleaner or smoother pubic look.
Pubic lift treatment is used for tightening the lifting of pubic and gives it a younger look. There are many reasons like aging, weight gain, pregnancy, child birth etc, that leads to the development of oversized mons pubis, so monsplasty helps to remove it.

Procedure Pubic Lift

  • The surgery is done under local anesthesia which will numb the tissues in lower abdomen & mons pubic.
  • A horizontal incision is made in skin and both excess fatty tissue and skin are removed by using a scalpel to reduce visible bulging above pubic area.
  • The underlying tissue & muscle may be pulled up, tightened the skin and sculpted the contour of pubic area.
  • The incision is closed with the help of sutures & adhesive strips.

Benefits of Pubic Lift

  • A smoother, firmer, & flatter mons pubis
  • Improved sexual satisfaction after a monsplasty
  • Improved the way of cloth fitting

Post care

  • Stay away from physical activities for 2-6 weeks
  • Avoid smoking for 3-4 weeks
  • Light pressure bandage is used up to 2 weeks
  • You can do swimming after 2nd week of treatment
  • Sexual restraint is suggested for a month.

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