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Hymenoplasty is a surgery helps to reconstruct the broken skin membrane, called hymen, that partially covers the entrance to the vagina. This fibrous and elastic tissue is usually torn with the first sexual activity, but it can also stretch or tear through activities like cycling, gymnastics, horse riding, other sports, regress workouts,physical accident, masturbation or even using tampons. Hymenoplasty has become one of the most popular female genital cosmetic surgery around the world.

Procedure Overview

  • Hymen repair is a simple procedure that involves stitching torn edges of the hymen together with dissolvable stitches.
  • Hymen reconstruction procedure creates a new hymen using tissues from the lip of the vagina.
  • Alloplant technique is performed when there are remains of the hymen can’t be stitched back together. The surgeon will insert a biomaterial into the vagina & this tear through material will function as the hymen.


  • Virginity restoration
  • A good way to start for sexual assault victims.
  • It protects the vagina from infections

Post care

  • Patient need to avoid sex intercourse
  • Reduced strenuous activities like running, lifting, jumping, motor cycle riding, etc.
  • Wear loose cotton bottom wear without disturbing the incision.
  • Avoid swimming, bathtub for at least 6 weeks of the surgery
  • Avoid swimming, bathtub for at least 6 weeks of the surgery

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