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What is Rhinoplasty?

Nose reshaping surgery is also known as Rhinoplasty and Nose job. It is a surgical procedure in which the shape of your nose is changed by modifying the bone and cartilage. Clients who feel that their nose is out of alignment and who are not happy with their side profile can go with cosmetic nose surgery. In some cases, patients will opt this surgery for medical reasons like accidents, sports injuries and other breathing difficulties.

The upper part of the nose is bone, the lower part is cartilage. Nose surgery can change all the three (Bone, cartilage, skin). It is one of the most popular and common cosmetic surgery to both men and women.

Rhinoplasty or cosmetic nose surgery in Bangalore is aimed at improving the harmony of your face and your self-image.

Here at Livglam clinic, our experienced surgeons can help you to make you understand different perspectives includes change in size, change the bump at the nose bridge, change in angle, reshape the tip, narrowing of the nostrils, straightening of the bridge, etc.

We have best rhinoplasty surgeon in bangalore to perform best nose job surgery at affordable nose surgery cost in bangalore with latest treatment techniques from well qualified aesthetic surgeons.

Why choose nose surgery in Bangalore?

Rhinoplasty can help to fix many nose related issues functionally and aesthetically creating a beautiful natural-looking result.

  • To make your nose smaller or larger and to change length or width of nose if it is too long, too wide, nostrils etc.
  • To correct any deformities from an injury or accident
  • To alleviate breathing difficulties
  • To correct any asymmetries or depressions in the nose.
  • To change the shape of the full nose, bridge of the nose or only tip of the nose.

If you are unhappy with your nose and considering best nose job surgery in Bangalore, book an appointment at Livglam clinic for a qualified and experienced surgeon to achieve desired results. We will be able to offer a fair and reasonable nose surgery cost in bangalore for the work you are looking to have done.

Different types of Nose Surgeries are offered by our expert surgeons including;

At Livglam, Rhinoplasty is not a single procedure, however it’s important to understand that nose surgery in bangalore can be used as an umbrella for several different procedures. The type of rhinoplasty you require will depend on your unique needs and requirements.

Your surgeon can make your nose smaller with reduction rhinoplasty and can make larger with augmentation rhinoplasty.

Reduction rhinoplasty

Open Rhinoplasty : A cut is made across the skin between the nostrils as well as inside your nostrils where your surgeon will rearrange bone and cartilage to alter the shape of the nose. It is recommended for more complex and difficult noses. This procedure may leave a small scar but barely noticeable.

Closed Rhinoplasty : Tiny cuts are made completely inside the nostrils to reach the bone and cartilage and is recommended for patients who require the bridge of the nose to be modified, this technique takes shorter time and is less invasive. This generally leads to less swelling than an open rhinoplasty and you shouldn’t have any visible scars after your surgery.

Tip Rhinoplasty : It is the surgical procedure where cartilage is removed to reduce the tip of the nose involving reshaping only tip of the nose. In this procedure, the tip cartilage is modified by partial excision, repositioning and augmentation to form a supportive framework.

Functional Rhinoplasty : This nasal surgery can correct several different issues impacting how your nose functions. Functional rhinoplasty typically involves full nose correction including correcting birth defects, correcting breathing issues and alteration of deviated nasal septum.

Non-Surgical Injection Nose Surgery : This procedure includes dermal fillers or botulinum on nose and correct a small bump. This is also called liquid rhinoplasty where dermal fillers are injected into the nose to alter its shape.However, non-surgical rhinoplasties do not have a function purpose and their effects are temporary, lasting for around 18 months.

Augmentation rhinoplasty

In Augmentation rhinoplasty, where you are having your nose made larger, your surgeon may need to use extra bone or cartilage to build up your nose in which case the bone and cartilage are taken from your nose, rib or ear.

How much does nose surgery cost in bangalore?

The cosmetic nose surgery cost in bangalore ranges from Rs 75,000 to Rs 2,00,000, but the actual nose surgery cost can vary for complex cases and depends on the changes that we have to perform for getting the perfect shape.

There are many different factors that affect the nose surgery cost in bangalore mainly depending on technique that your surgeon uses to achieve your ideal nose and also other factors such as clinic reputation, location, preoperative and post operative care can contribute to cost of rhinoplasty.

Here, at Livglam clinic we offer best nose job surgery from our experienced surgeons that patients can look forward to. Livglam Aesthetic clinic, being one of the leading cosmetic center in bangalore, we pride ourselves on providing high levels of clinical care in professional, safe and comfortable environment.

Benefits of best nose job surgery

  • Harmonize and balance your facial features.
  • Solve sinus problems.
  • Relief from difficult breathing and Nasal infections.
  • Fixes a deformed nose and restores its function.

Post care nose surgery in Bangalore

  • Stay away from strenuous activities such as aerobics, jogging, etc.
  • Don’t blow nose after the surgery
  • Avoid laughing, smiling, etc. All facial expression after the treatment
  • Eat fiber foods
  • Limit the movement of upper lip
  • Keep dry the bandages area of the nose
  • Wear cloths with zip cause don’t pull clothing over the head

Choosing a right clinic and right surgeon is the most important aspect of successful outcome. Livglam clinic provides best nose job surgery at affordable nose plastic surgery cost in bangalore to enhance the balance and harmony between other facial features.Book an appointment at Livglam clinic today to experience best cosmetic surgery in bangalore and to discuss what type of rhinoplasty will be suited to help you reach your desired results.


1. What is Nose surgery or rhinoplasty?

Nose surgery in bangalore is one of the most popular effective aesthetic operation that includes reshaping, reconstruction of the nose in order to enhance the look or to correct its form and function. It can be performed for both cosmetic and medical reasons.

2. What are the types of rhinoplasty?

Different types of nose surgeries can be performed with a variety of different techniques depending on the result you want to achieve and the shape of your nose. The available options are open rhinoplasty, closed rhinoplasty, tip rhinoplasty, functional rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty. All these techniques will be evaluated and discussed in your consultation with our surgeon.

3. How long do you need to recover after nose surgery?

Recovery period can differ depending on the type of surgery performed. Most patients usually will be able to return to work in 7 days, but bruising and swelling will improve in the second week. Following your surgeons post care instructions is essential to ensure a smooth rhinoplasty recovery.

4. How is Nose surgery performed?

The best nose job surgery is either performed from inside the nostrils or by a small cut made through the skin between the nostrils under general anesthetic, to improve your current nose that looks natural with your unique features. It’s one of the most commonly performed medical procedures worldwide.

5. What are the risks and complications of a nose job?

The risks and complications associated with rhinoplasty from experienced surgeons are low, but then there are some possible risks involved such as infection, bleeding, breathing disturbance, skin numbness etc. However, patients will keep informed about the likelihood of any complications before undergoing surgery.

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