Dimple Creation

Dimple Creation

A dimple is a most attractive feature of the face. Dimple creation is also known as Dimpleplasty, is a type of plastic surgery used to create dimples on the cheeks. Some people have chin dimples too.
At Livglam, we offer the best Dimple Creation services at affordable prices. Client satisfaction is our primary goal. We have our professional expert surgeons who combines their knowledge with the latest technology of treatments and provides you the best results and make you look more elegant with new dimple creation.
If you wish to have dimples in your cheeks or chin, we can create for you with a minor surgery. We have done several dimple creation surgeries to meet our client’s expectation and helps clients to enhance their facial appeal with beauty of smile.

Procedure Overview

  • This surgery is simple, quick, affordable, and done under local anesthesia.
  • Surgeon will mark the area for dimple placement and a small incision is made inside the cheek.
  • Then work on the buccinator muscle inside the cheek to create a natural-looking dimple.
  • Inside of the cheek couple of dissolvable stitches placed
  • No appearance of scars from outside

Benefits of Dimple Creation

  • Improves smiles expression and beauty of the face.
  • Safe & satisfactory, and immediate results.

Post care

  • Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption for at least 2 weeks
  • Avoid using of blood thinning medicines
  • Use an antiseptic mouthwash as per your surgeon’s recommended
  • Have prescribed medicines according to your surgeon
  • Don’t make any animated facial expressions or activities where your face might be hurt
  • Apply cold packs to reduce swelling

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