Calf augmentation

Calf Augmentation Treatment

Calf Augmentation is a surgical procedure to enhance the appearance of lower portion of the legs. This process is associated with the investigated techniques like Calf implant, submuscular implant, and fat grafting or lipofilling. Calf Augmentation creates a more muscular appearance and can help correct lower leg deformities. Calf implants are used by people to enhance the size of their calves.
Calf Augmentation is common procedure for both men and women. when performed in men, it is to emphasize the bulk and muscle tone of calves, whereas in women it is for more shapely legs proportionate to their thighs. This surgery may be used by bodybuilders or people with injuries or physical disabilities.

Procedure Overview

  • A roughly 4-cm precise incision is framed behind each knee
  • A pocket is created between Muscle and connective tissue (fascia) to insert implants.
  • Silicone implants are inserted against calves, giving the area more fullness look.
  • Close the incisions with invisible sutures

Fat grafting

Fat grafting is alternative to calf implants for calf discrepancies or deformities , which involves removing unwanted or excess fat from one part of body ,processed ,purified and reintroducing to another part of body via injection. It is a great way to restore volume to the calves, also boosts blood circulation enhancing the overall result. In some cases calf implants combined with fat grafting is used for more precise body contouring.

Benefits of Calf Augmentation

  • Balance uneven calves
  • Toned and shapely lower legs
  • Treat medical conditions like lower leg defects from injury, disease,polio,club-foot or birth defects
  • Enhanced symmetrical calves

Post care

  • Take bed rest for 12 to 14 hours
  • Don’t bend the knees
  • rest with the legs elevated
  • Dressing to be observed about seven days
  • Stay away from lifting any heavy objects for three weeks.
  • Avoid standing for long time
  • Patients can do exercise and sports after eight to 10 weeks

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