Buttock lift & thigh lift

Buttock lift & thigh lift

A thigh lift and butt lift are similar cosmetic procedures most suitable for people who crave for young and toned looking appearance of lower body. when both are operated on, it is also known as a lower body lift. This procedure serves to give slimmer, more youthful legs to patients. Both procedures, in a way help to discard excess skin and underlying tissues, improving the contour of thigh and buttock areas.
Skinny BBL procedure is well common known butt lift procedure World-wide where creating young, shaped, curved looking butt with thigh lift can be achieved
Livglam is supported by broadly skilled expert surgeons who provides the best Buttock lift and Thigh lift services with secure and flourishing results. Our team of experienced surgeons and specialists guides our clients through each step of the buttock and thigh lift process to provide the best results possible. This procedures can be combined with tummy tuck and other contouring procedures to improve the appearance and proportions of body as a whole.

Procedure Overview

For an inner thigh lift, vertical incisions are done in the innermost part of thigh -depending on the amount and location of excess skin.
For an outer thigh and buttocks lift, little longer incisions are made just above the buttocks and excess skin is pulled up, tightened and removed. Any excess fat, if present can be removed concurrently via liposuction and remaining skin is re-draped to accommodate the new contour, then incisions are sutured.
This procedure can be combined with belt-lipectomy too.

Benefits of Thigh & Buttock lift

  • Relieves rashes on the bottom of the thighs
  • Reduces friction between legs
  • Enhance Hygiene
  • Slim attractive legs

Post care

  • Thigh lift
  • First 2 weeks needed much rest after the treatment
  • Minimize movement aside from easy walking for prevention of blood clot
  • Stay hydrated and stay away from high sodium diet
  • Buttock lift
  • Need to take rest after the treatment
  • Few times exercise is needed to reduce swelling
  • Don’t put any direct pressure to buttocks after the treatment
  • Short time walking is also much needed

Before & After

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