Buttock lift & thigh lift

Buttock lift & thigh lift in Bangalore

What is thigh lift treatment?

A thigh lift or thigh reduction surgery is form of body contouring surgical procedure aiming to aesthetically improve the contour of thigh region by removing excess skin and fat on thighs and tightening the loose folds of the thighs leaving it more smoother and firmer.

A thigh lift treatment is not a substitute for weight loss. The areas most treated with thigh lift surgery is medial and lateral thighs.

Thigh lift treatment in Bangalore employs two surgical techniques to contour thigh region skin excision and liposuction to reduce the amount of excess skin and fat. To achieve a tighter, leaner look to your legs, thigh lift treatment can be a highly effective solution to feel confident in your body.

What is buttock lift treatment?

Buttock augmentation commonly known as buttock lift is a surgical procedure that aims to improve shape and volume of the buttocks ensuring better fullness and roundness.

Buttock lift surgery is commonly performed for patients who have undergone significant weight loss from bariatric surgery or from extensive diet and exercise and may be considered as part of body lift procedure.

A thigh lift and butt lift are similar cosmetic procedures most suitable for people who crave for young and toned looking appearance of lower body. when both are operated on, it is also known as a lower body lift. This procedure serves to give slimmer, more youthful legs to patients. Both procedures, in a way help to discard excess skin and underlying tissues, improving the contour of thigh and buttock areas.

What is Brazilian Butt lift (BBL)?

Skinny BBL treatment is common well known butt lift procedure world-wide creating young, shaped, curved looking butt with thigh lift can be achieved.

Skinny BBL treatment is minimally invasive fat transferal procedure to remove excess fat from certain part of the body and then injecting back into the buttock. It is a simple procedure which increase the size of the buttocks without the use of implants.

Non-surgical Skinny BBL treatment

A non-surgical skinny BBL treatment is a safe augmentation procedure to lift and sculpt the shape of butt using radiofrequency giving you the desired hour glass figure in a matter of weeks without undergoing knives and any side effects.

Non-surgical BBL treatment with FDA approved injectable fillers helps to instantly restore volume and lift.

Livglam is supported by broadly skilled expert surgeons who provides the best Buttock lift and Thigh lift services with secure and flourishing results. Our team of experienced surgeons and specialists guides our clients through each step of the buttock and thigh lift process to provide the best results possible. This procedure can be combined with tummy tuck and other contouring procedures to improve the appearance and proportions of body as a whole.

Procedure of thigh lift treatment in Bangalore

  • Thigh lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia and takes around 2 hours
  • For an inner thigh lift, vertical incisions are done in the innermost part of thigh depending on the amount and location of excess skin.
  • For an outer thigh, little longer incisions are made just above the buttocks and excess skin is pulled up, tightened and removed.
  • Any excess fat, if present can be removed concurrently via liposuction and remaining skin is re-draped to accommodate the new contour, then incisions are sutured.

Thigh lift surgery is successful at tightening up the skin in your inner and outer thigh regions. However, it’s not advisable to put on excessive weight following the treatment as this will cause skin stretching.

Benefits of thigh lift treatment in Bangalore

  • Relieves rashes on the bottom of the thighs
  • Reduces friction between legs
  • Enhance Hygiene
  • Slim attractive legs and curvy thighs

Cost of best thigh lift treatment in Bangalore

Livglam offers affordable thigh lift cost starting from Rs 75,000 onwards depending on the amount of skin removal required and whether the procedure is combined with liposuction.

The actual cost of thigh lift treatment in bangalore can only be determined after consulting surgeons as thigh lift treatment is personalized on the basis of individual requirements, condition, needs and type of skin.

Procedure of buttock lift treatment in Bangalore

Traditional implants and Brazilian butt lift are the two most common treatments for augmenting the buttocks. The Brazilian technique is gaining more popularity in recent times since it is less prone to infections than implants.

  • The buttock lift treatment is performed by silicone o fat injection or silicone implants insertion to the butt area.
  • Injecting silicone or autologous fat directly in to the buttock area.
  • In surgical procedure, different types of incisions can be made to insert silicone implants either in gluteal muscle or above it.
  • Sometimes, for patients with large amounts of loose or sagging skin around the buttocks, sections of skin and fat are removed from the area with incisions made, where remaining skin and tissue are lifted resulting tight and smooth look.

The buttock lift treatment is often carried out alongside a tummy tuck and a thigh lift. Here at Livglam clinic, there are four different buttock lift techniques such as upper buttock lift, lower buttock lift, full buttock lift, mini buttock lift, butterfly buttock lift, lateral buttock lift to deliver more sculpted, aesthetically pleasing buttocks restoring youthful curves in patients.

Different types of buttock lift treatment have different shaped incisions and correct procedure is chosen based on the amount of skin laxity you have.

Benefits of buttock lift treatment

  • Tones the skin of buttocks
  • Reduces the appearance of cellulite
  • Increases the size and roundness of buttocks
  • Reduces dimples and unwanted fat in buttocks

Post care thigh lift treatment in Bangalore

  • First 2 weeks needed much rest after the treatment
  • Minimize movement aside from easy walking for prevention of blood clot
  • Stay hydrated and stay away from high sodium diet
  • Avoid stress and strain to heal well
  • Wear a compression garment to manage swelling.

Post care buttock lift treatment

  • Need to take rest after the treatment
  • Few times exercise is needed to reduce swelling
  • Don’t put any direct pressure to buttocks after the treatment
  • Short time walking is also much needed


1. What is a Thigh lift?

A thigh lift is a type of cosmetic surgery performed to remove excess sagging skin and fat from either the inner or outer thighs resulting more tighter appealing appearance.

2. What type of Thigh lifts are there?

There are different types of thigh lifts to consider such as medial or inner thigh lift, lateral or outer thigh lift, mini thigh lift and thigh lift with liposuction.Your surgeon will help you choose the best surgery to meet your individual needs.

3. How long is Recovery time for a Thigh Lift?

Most patients need 2-3 weeks to recover from thigh lift surgery.There will be visible bruising and swelling during first 2 weeks. Follow after care instructions advised by your surgeon for making recovery as quick and easy as possible.

4. How do I prepare for a Thigh lift operation?

Your surgeon will provide thorough preoperative instructions and before undergoing surgery patient need to maintain stable and healthy weight.

5. Why should I choose Thigh lift surgery?

Thigh lift treatment is often chosen by patients who have lost their natural elasticity or who have experienced dramatic weight loss. Thigh lift treatment is recommended to healthy individual who have excessive loose skin.

6. Am I ideal candidate for buttock lift surgery?

You might be a good candidate for butt lift when you have lost significant amount of weight and now your butt sags and droops and noticeable asymmetry in your buttocks area and feeling butt is too small.

7. Is buttock lift a painful procedure?

Most people feel mild to moderate pain after getting butt implants, but that can be easily controlled through pain medication. However, the pain is considered normal as part of healing process.

8. Are the results of buttock lift treatment permanent?

The results of Skinny BBL treatment is semi-permanent whereas butt implants are permanent with very high success rate.

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