Arm lift or Reduction Treatment in Bangalore

What is Arm Lift or Reduction Treatment?

Arm lift or Brachioplasty is a cosmetic surgical process to enhance the figure of the under portion of your upper arms. It treats sagging underarms that span from elbow to armpits, tightening, and smoothing tissue in your upper arm.

Exercise can address any lax muscles in the arms, but cannot fix sagging and drooping skin. The Arm lift surgery in Bangalore can remove stubborn fat deposits that are not responsive to exercise. If sagging upper arms prevent you from confidently showing them off, an arm lift may be able to help. If you are not satisfied with the appearance of your upper arms causing embarrassment, then an arm lift will be the solution to improve your confidence and self-esteem.

Selection of candidates for Arm lift surgery in Bangalore:

  • People experiencing lax skin hanging from their upper arms
  • Recent history of surgical and non-surgical weight loss which made the upper arms sagging
  • People who has bulky upper arms, wobbly excess skin or ‘flaps’.

Brachioplasty in Bangalore

Aging and weight fluctuations or surgical weight loss will cause the skin to become loose and flaccid, regardless of what’s the reason, at Livglam, we've our expert surgeons who recommend all the procedures and give you instructions on how to prepare for it. We give amazing Arm Lift & Reduction services to create leaner and more elegant arm contours and give you the confidence to show off your arms.

Arm lift surgery in Bangalore targets ‘bingo wings’ and improves the appearance of the arms by reducing the circumference of the upper arms and removing excess lax skin.

Arm lift surgery in Bangalore Overview |Brachioplasty surgery in Bangalore

  • This procedure involves making Incisions in the natural creases so that later the scar will not be visible directly on the patients arm.
  • Through incisions, extra fat and skin is removed from the inner backside of your arm and possibly extend to your armpit area.
  • Then, underlying supportive tissue is tightened and remaining skin is re-draped more tightly with internal sutures.
  • After the entire procedure of Brachioplasty in Bangalore, you will get the smoothed skin over the new contour of your arm.

Arm lift surgery in Bangalore is a surgical procedure that’s often combined with a mommy makeover, which often includes a tummy tuck, breast augmentation, and other body contouring methods.

Here at Livlgam, the best arm lift clinic in Bangalore, we provide the best arm surgery or Brachioplasty surgery in Bangalore to create a better arm contour by reducing the deflated appearance of the upper arms.

Arm lift with Liposuction

An Arm lift in conjunction with liposuction is sometimes an option for patients who have small pockets of extra fat that might take it hard for your arm. Our surgeons may use liposuction at the same time to remove fat. Liposuction is suited for patients with excess arm fat, but whose skin is relatively tight. Liposuction removes fat and sculpt the arms but won’t address lax.

Non-surgical options for Brachioplasty in Bangalore

Non-surgical approaches to arm fat reduction have become a go-to for patients seeking improved contouring in the upper arms. The demand for new approaches for noninvasive procedures of upper arm contouring is increasing in recent times.

Here at Livglam arm lift clinic in Bangalore, we have provided an array of treatments that can help reduce fat in upper arms with non-surgical options including laser therapy, high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), and radiofrequency (RF).

Arm surgery with HIFU

HIFU is a high-intensity focused ultrasound. This technology uses the vibrations from ultrasound energy to produce low levels of heat in the targeted skin to stimulate collagen production and tissue rejuvenation.

HIFU can be used for upper arm laxity treatment with the new transducers developed for the body area. HIFU can be an effective and safe therapeutic modality for removing excessive subcutaneous fat and sculpting the upper arm. It relies on your body's own collagen-building process for natural, noticeable results. This technology has seen steady growth in the past few years, and for all the right reasons.

Brachioplasty with radiofrequency

This procedure uses Radio frequency (RF) to tighten the skin and address skin laxity, leading to more toned arms. Radiofrequency works by stimulating collagen production promoting tightening of the skin. Radiofrequency administers heat deeply into the skin, lifting both deep and superficial tissue. The body perceives the heat from the RF and it responds by remodeling collagen in the area and tightening the skin. This tightening process continues for months afterward.

Threads for Arm lift surgery in Bangalore

Arm tightening with threads, also known as the feather lift, is an excellent, minimally-invasive alternative to a surgical traditional arm lift. The arm thread lift is a ground-breaking aesthetic procedure that helps in reversing the signs of sagging skin, thereby restoring the soft, supple, and youthful skin that you desire.

Thread Lifts enable us to give a ‘lift’ to specific areas of the arm by inserting threads with a cannula, through a tiny hole made in your skin. Your body begins to develop new collagen and fibrous tissue shortly after the PDO threads are inserted into the upper arm area. The result of Brachioplasty in Bangalore is a firmer, younger appearance.

Laser arm lift

Laser arm tightening is a minimally invasive Brachioplasty surgery in Bangalore, where laser beams of a certain frequency are directed onto the skin. This leads to collagen contraction and thus the skin appears tighter and firmer.
Also, this Arm lift surgery in Bangalore stimulates the skin to produce collagen and elastin, which are important for the elasticity and freshness of the skin

The Laser arm lift is ideal for patients with a smaller amount of excess fat and hanging skin. Because the Laser arm lift tightens the skin instead of removing it, it cannot correct the same level of skin laxity as arm lift surgery can.

This procedure of Brachioplasty in Bangalore should only be performed by a cosmetic dermatologist or skin care aesthetician. The results appear gradually and you will likely see the highest improvement after a few sessions and last up to 3 years.

Best arm lift clinic in Bangalore

Here at Livglam clinic, our non-surgical arm lift is a bespoke treatment, with our recommended solution tailored specifically to the condition of each individual.
At Livglam clinic, our doctors combine numerous treatment modalities for precise, subtle contouring and toning of arms to deliver the best arm surgery results.

If you are interested in arm surgery or any other body contouring procedures, schedule an appointment at our clinic for a one-to-one consultation. By evaluating the options available to you, we can help you have the safest and most satisfying plastic surgery experience.

Post care of Arm lift surgery in Bangalore

  • Avoid lifting your arms above shoulder level for three to four weeks
  • Avoid physical and athletic activities with your arms for 4-8 weeks
  • Wear a compression sleeve for a few weeks to keep swelling down


Arm lift surgery in Bangalore |

Arm surgery or Brachioplasty targets 'bingo wings' to reduce the circumference of the upper arms and removes excess lax skin and fat where a surgeon will physically cut out the sagging skin from underneath your arms.

2. What should I do before arm lift surgery?

Our doctors will give you preoperative evaluations like medical lab tests, may change or stop certain medications and instruct you to stop smoking. Just follow preoperative instructions as advised by your surgeon.

3. What is the maximum weight for an arm lift?

The best candidates for Arm lift surgery in Bangalore are those who are within 10% of their ideal weight. Patients of any age with relatively stable healthy weight levels and healthy individuals can opt for arm lift surgery.

4. Does arm lift surgery leave scars?

Any surgery which involves incisions will lead to some kind of minimal scarring. But with the latest technology and techniques, scars can be greatly lessened in length or softened in appearance.

5. What are the different types of arm lifts?

There are three different types of arm lifts we offer at Livglam clinic that you can consider when you decide to get Brachioplasty in Bangalore.

  • Mini Brachioplasty known as Mini arm lift involves a single incision under the armpit and is a great option for people with little excess skin and fat in the upper arms.
  • Standard Brachioplasty also known as upper arm lift involves two separate incisions and is suitable for a moderate amount of excess skin and fat.
  • Extended Brachioplasty is best suited for those who have severely lax skin. This involves a longer incision extending from the armpit down along the side of the chest.

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