Light therapy

Light Therapy

LED therapy utilizes three different lights to treat different skin conditions and can be customized to your skin condition.

Light therapy utilizes:

  • Red light wavelength 640NM-This works like a laser, targeting cells beneath the skin’s surface so that they produce new collagen and fight off breakout causing bacteria.
  • Blue light wavelength 423NM-This targets acne bacteria by producing a very toxic form of oxygen thereby decreasing acne with no downtime without using any harsh products or lasers.
  • Green light wavelength 532NM-This targets melanocytes (cells that produce melanin or pigmentation in the bottom layer of skin), reducing its production.
  • Yellow light wavelength 583NM-This targets blood vessels in the skin reducing redness and is an ideal therapy for sensitive skin.

LED therapy helps in refabricating of fibro blasts that produce collagen while reducing wrinkles, fine lines, sun-damaged, stretch marks and various skin concerns.

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