PRP (VAMPIRE FACIAL) in Bannerghatta Road

PRP (VAMPIRE FACIAL) in Bannerghatta Road

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatment, or PRP therapy, is also known as the Vampire facial, is a very effective anti-age autologous blood treatment.

PRP Treatment is a cutting edge cosmetic procedure during which the patient’s own blood is drawn into special test tubes. These tubes are immediately centrifuged in order to separate the Platelet Rich Plasma from the rest of the red blood cells., producing a yellow serum known as Platelet Rich Plasma. This yellow liquid is then drawn from the tube into tiny cannula’s. The injections take a few moments and are only mildly uncomfortable. The PRP treatment can be performed through the use of a Dermapen/Microneedling as well, depending upon the patient’s preference.

Who Is It For ?

PRP is good for those patients who are interested in overall skin rejuvenation, suffer from Dark circles, under-eye-puffiness, fine lines or small wrinkles, sagging of the facial skin around your eyes, mouth, cheeks, and eyes, uneven or dull skin tone. It is the ultimate anti-aging treatment & can also stand as a great combination treatment with anti-aging injections or hyaluronic acid fillers.

Is the PRP therapy painful ?

The PRP treatment is almost painless, because you will be given a numbing cream with a contact time of 30 minutes before treatment.

Are there any side effects ?

By injecting endogenous substances, the PRP treatment is considered medically safe. Slight redness and bruising may occur, but disappears after a few days.

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