Dark Circles Treatment in Bannerghatta Road Bangalore

Dark Circles Treatment in Bannerghatta Road Bangalore

Dark Circles Treatment

Eyes are the most delicate part of the body and one of the most attractive features in human features. They play a major role in your facial attractiveness. Almost every one suffers from dark circles, owing to the sensitive skin around your eyes. Dark circles can make your eyes look dull and tired. They not only take away from the beauty of your eyes but also make you look years older than your age. Earlier, it was thought that there is no permanent cure to completely eliminate dark circles. With the advancement of technology, you can cure dark circles once and for all with Dark Circles Treatment at Livglam in Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore.

Dark Circles Causes

There are many factors that can cause dark circles around the eyes.
They may be related to natural ageing process, lifestyle or certain medical conditions.
Some common causes of dark circles include:
Disappeared or fallen fat beneath the eyes.
Loss of collagen.
Thinning and sagginess of skin below the eyes.
Use of alcohol and caffeinated drinks.
Dietary deficiencies.
Rubbing or scratching eyes.
Exposure to the sun.
Sleep deprivation.
Deficiency of iron or vitamin.
Cardio vascular insufficiency.
Atopic dermatitis.
Nasal congestion.

Dark Circles Treatments

Many treatment options are available for dark circles. Some effective ones include:

Topical eye creams:

The creams are working well in combination with any of the above treatments. The creams contain skin lightening or bleaching agents, which are effective especially for the affected areas caused by pigmentation disorders or sun damage.

Chemical peels:

This treatment is effective for the treatment of dark circles caused by hyperpigmentation. They remove the dark circles by reducing pigment and boosting the collagen production. Mostly, TCA and glycolic acid chemical peels are used for the treatment of dark circles.

IPL treatment: 

IPL is one of the best dark circles treatment, targeting the purple and blue areas, caused by visible blood vessels. It uses light energy to make vessels less visible, therefore reducing the appearance of dark circles.

Laser treatment:

This is another effective treatment for dark circles. Laser energy reduces the appearance of dark circles by tightening the sagging skin and promoting the collagen production, which improves the tone and texture of skin beneath eyes. It also resurfaces the skin, which helps to eliminate fine lines on lower eyelids and brown spots. Various kinds of lasers are available and fractional CO2 is used for reducing appearance of dark circles around the eyes.

Carbon Peel:

Carbon Peel with Lutronic Spectra is an efficient dark circles treatment for the lower eyelids that will result in improvement in eyelid texture, wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, vascular pooling, fatty prolapse and tissue luminosity. The theory behind this dark circle treatment is that by mildly insufflating the lower eyelids with carbon dioxide, blood flow to the area is increased and oxygenation improved leading to improvements in the skin texture and colour. The results appear to be accumulative with each treatment and permanent and touch ups can be done 3 to 6 months later to maintain results.

Mesotherapy treatment:

Mesotherapy treatment can effectively reduce marks under the eyes and bags under the eyes in few treatments. Its multiple sessions can give amazing results.

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