Hair Transplant Treatment in Bannerghatta Road Bangalore

Hair Transplant Treatment in Bannerghatta Road Bangalore

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure that moves hair and hair follicles from a part of your body called the donor site to the bald or balding part called the recipient site. It is done with the help of a scalpel or punch graft instrument. The removed hair strands from one part of body are placed into tiny holes of the bald scalp. Hair transplantation is done either by the follicular unit transplant (FUT) hair transplant technique of hair restoration or through the follicular unit extraction  (FUE) hair transplant procedure. The shifting of roots is the main concern in the surgery that must be performed wisely and an effective selection affects the overall success of the procedure.
The technique of hair transplant is used to treat the male pattern as well as the female pattern baldness. This is the painless and scarless procedure that treated the issue of hair loss/baldness permanently if performed by the best hair transplant surgeon. The hair transplant procedure is also a very useful option to restore eyebrow, eyelashes, moustache, beard or chest and to fill scars due to accident or burns.

FUT Hair Transplant:

The FUT or follicular transplant is also known as strip method hair transplantation, it is the only method of hair restoration that gives you the permanent result of the procedure. The procedure involves excising a linear strip of hair bearing strip of skin from the back or either side of the scalp. The strip is further dissected under a powerful microscope to obtain grafts for transplantation.

FUE Hair Transplant:

The FUE or the follicular unit extraction is the process of hair root extraction via the random punching process worked on the basis of dynamic punches, either done by manual punching or through the robotic punching machine to extract every graft individually. The individual graft is extracted in a single time and the extraction is made one-by-one. The punch tool has a diameter less than 1mm and therefore it allows for creating highly natural looking hairline.

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