Aesthetic Surgery in Bannerghatta Road at Livglam Clinic

Aesthetic Surgery in Bannerghatta Road at Livglam Clinic

Face Lift Surgery:

The face shows some of the most visible signs of ageing. Children and young adults have smooth, good textured skin with well defined facial contours due to even distribution of fat and natural attachment of muscles. Over the time, skin begins to wrinkle and sag as a result of age, sun exposure and genetics, giving a much older appearance than you are.



Face lift or Rhytidectomy is a scientifically planned operation to restore the vectors of the skin & underlying muscles. Done with minimal possible incisions in the temple, in front of ear and around ear lobe, the skin is elevated and underlying sagging muscle layer is anchored in natural position. Newer techniques allow us to perform this procedure with hidden mini incisions using endoscopic instruments. A face lift is frequently performed in combination with other procedures like blepharoplasty, fat grafting, brow lift, chin liposuction / chin augmentation – to achieve overall rejuvenation of face.

Nose Reshaping | Rhinoplasty Surgery:

Nose is the center of the human face, standing as one of the most important features. It is important to our overall appearance. Even a little deformity of the nose can make a face unpleasant while a well-shaped nose that fits natural on the face makes a face appealing and pleasing. It goes without saying that mismatching nose makes us conscious of our looks and lowers our self-esteem. The change in the nose with cosmetic surgery gives immense benefits, positively changing looks making you self-confident.

Rhinoplasty Procedure:

The procedure is carried out usually from inside the nostrils. It is painless without any scar mark. Dr. Harish assesses the bones, cartilages and soft tissues for deformities. With meticulous planning, the deformities like a deviated nose, broad and big nose, boxy tip / hanging tip or depressed nose, are corrected.If present the surgeon corrects the septal deviation i.e. deviated nasal septum (DNS) at the same time.

Lip Surgery:

Lip Augmentation procedure is not a recent thing. It has been performed since ages. Women of every social or traditional background have tried to apply cosmetic therapies on their lips right from the Primitive Stone Age. The lips are altered to make them appear bigger and look beautiful on the face.

Lip Enlargement and Enhancement is done to achieve fuller and pouting lips and reduce fine lines around lip corners it has been one successful process carried out from several decades affecting the overall personality especially rejuvenating the face. Lip Augmentation is done to retain the Lip volume, which gets lost gradually over the time.

Breast Implants Surgery :

Breast Augmentation : Breast Augmentation or enlargement is one of the most commonly performed procedure for women today following which many patients report a boost in self confidence.

Breast augmentation involves an operation where artificial means are used to increase the size and/or improve the shape of the breasts. The technique involves augmenting the breasts using fat transfer breast implant and fillers, invasive enlargement of breasts using implants is now a very popular procedure to improve both breast size as well as shape to achieve the aesthetic appeal desired by the individual.

We believe in rendering a natural look and feel  no matter what size and shape of breasts you choose. The number of women who are fretful about their physical appearance is large and according to estimates, over millions of women around the globe have had breast augmentation implants in the last 40 years, and each year tens of thousands of women continue to have breast augmentation surgery. Many women consider having breast augmentation to boost her body frame and lift their self esteem if they think their breasts are too small or unattractive.

Breast reduction surgery